The importance of volunteering rings true

JCA’s telephone campaign has long been a part of the infrastructure of its annual campaign. An integral aspect of fundraising the $14 million needed annually to service the local Jewish community yearly, JCA relies on both volunteers to make the calls, and donors at home to pick up.

The aims of the telephone campaign were clearly defined in 1999 as twofold; firstly, to call and personally thank donors for their generosity, in order to imbue the gratitude that is still carried through the spirit of JCA today. Secondly, to contact donors who have not yet contributed, which remains the key purpose of the campaign.

In JCA’s 2007, 40 th Anniversary publication ‘Triumph of the Jewish Spirit’, telephone campaign participant Erna Levy commented that the campaign was not just about getting people to give, but also realising the socio-economic difficulties and tragedies which people experience. This rings especially true in the wake of COVID-19 and expands the purpose of the phone campaign; to raise both funds and awareness of the impact JCA has on the local Jewish community.

Last year, with COVID preventing face-to-face engagement, the phone campaign proved more important than ever, with our incredible volunteers calling donors from their own homes.

This year, our dedicated team will once again be calling donors over the next week. JCA’s longest standing volunteer of over 30 years, Rose Temple, aptly said last year in an Australian Jewish News article, “It’s so important that those who are willing and able to contribute support the campaign when we call to ask for your help… whatever you can contribute will be gratefully received.” Rose spearheads the telephone campaign, and asserts the importance of “ensuring that the community is there for every one of us”.

So, be prepared to receive the call that asks you to participate in ensuring the continuity and security of our local Jewish community! It could be the call that makes the difference.