Here’s how your support has made a difference

In 2019, your contributions supported 36 programs that delivered benefit directly to our local Jewish community, supporting individuals and families across all ages and stages of life. These are just a few examples of the difference you made in our community. You can find out more about each of the programs in the online JCA 2019 Destinations Directory .

Your support provided places for

240 residents in Jewish aged care

who would otherwise not be able to afford it

You made it possible for over

transport rides

provided for family members in need and their carers to attend support programs

Every month you helped deliver food and comfort with

2,500 Kosher Meals on Wheels

You funded Holocaust education for more than

28,000 school students
and 1,000  teachers

from NSW non-Jewish schools in 2019 thanks to your support

Thanks to your support over

600 students

attended family violence prevention programs and more than

400 people

completed suicide prevention training

You helped create opportunities for

skills development, employment and community participation through disability support services for

200 community members

and their families

You ensured that our whole community has access to

1,000’s of digitised historical records

of Jewish Australian history

You helped bring a Jewish education

to more children through
Jewish studies classes for

1,973 students

at 66 non-Jewish schools and more than

1,400 trips to Israel

subsidised for students since 2015

Our community supported

697 pupils in need

to attend a Jewish Day School connecting students to their Jewish identity

Our shared commitment to community safety has seen a


increase in funding for security and advocacy

in the past ten years


More than

1,330 families

receive free Jewish-themed PJ Library books each month helping young children connect to their Jewish identity thanks to your support

More than

30,000 hours

community security and protection in 2019.

You enriched our cultural Jewish life and made possible

15,247 attendances

at Shalom cultural events in 2019

You gave us all a voice with more than

1,000 media engagements

advocating for the Jewish community in 2019


Your giving supported the administration of activities for more than

2,000 Maccabi participants

from age 6 to seniors including over 200 all-ability participants