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What happens when you join the team

By becoming a monthly donor to our local community, you ensure that the 25 supported organisations supported by you and JCA can provide the programs and services to those in need.

You join a special group – our JCA Team Tzedakah – who regularly give to support needs across aged and community care; culture, engagement and outreach; education; history and heritage; and security and advocacy.  Holding our community in your heart, your donation is the difference that makes us stronger together.


  1. Long-Term Impact - Your monthly donation allows us to take a planned long-term approach. As a member of Team Tzedakah, you work side-by-side with us, making a real and last difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our local Jewish community.
  2. Cost-Effective - Monthly giving reduces our administrative costs, which means that your gift works hard to deliver tangible benefit to the people who need our support most.
  3. Easy By joining Team Tzedakah, you become an exceptional team member. We will send you monthly news to keep you informed about the impact you are making and an annual statement to assist with your tax return. You will also benefit from hassle-free donations.

To make a regular monthly donation (we appreciate any contribution) complete the details on this form