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Program based giving provides donors with the choice to donate towards something that ignites their passion. With sectors and designated programs and services in need of funding across five areas, you can make a difference in so many diverse ways.  Donating to these programs and services ensures reassurance and continuity for our community.

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Aged & Community Care

Programs that support some of the most vulnerable in our community provide social services and financial support to the elderly, community members living with disabilities, and those facing mental health challenges, and domestic and family crises.

Jewish Education

Programs that provide the foundations of Jewish identity through education outreach to public schools, student travel to Israel, assistance for families who would otherwise not be able to afford a Jewish education and tertiary programs that develop our future educators.

Security & Advocacy

Programs that safeguard the physical safety of our community and communal institutions, that combat antisemitism and promote a culture of tolerance, and that advocate for Jewish community in the media and in Australian politics.

Culture, Engagement & Outreach

Programs that add to the richness and vibrancy of Jewish life across all ages – from infancy through young adulthood and into old age – engage through culture, sport, universities, and Jewish values of inclusion and Tikkun Olam.

Holocaust, History & Heritage

Programs that preserve and honour the memory of the Holocaust for all Australians – that make remembrance a part of a broader culture of social justice – and that document and provide accessibility to the rich history of our local community for future generations.


A communal gift to JCA ensures that programs across all five sectors will be supported, as funds are allocated where they are needed most. Planning plays an important role in ensuring that our community needs are effectively and cost-efficiently catered for and prepared for the needs of tomorrow

“No-one has ever become poor by giving” Anne Frank

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