Supported Organisations

We are proud to support 24 incredible organisations that serve the needs of our local Jewish community in Security & Advocacy, Aged Care & Community, Education, Culture, Engagement & Outreach and Holocaust, History & Heritage.

Aged & Community Care

At the very core of Jewish ideology is the idea of honouring one’s father and mother. As a community, we are collectively responsible to care for and honour our elderly who face a multitude of challenges. Some are alone with no family, while others survived the Holocaust and are haunted by its memories. Ageing is the unwritten future for all of us and we are extremely fortunate to have communal organisations that make the path into old age that much smoother.

  • B’nai B’rith Retirement Villages

    B’nai B’rith Retirement Villages is a not-for-profit organisation providing affordable, independent living accommodation for seniors in a caring Jewish environment. Guided by the principles of B’nai B’rith worldwide, the villages maintain a commitment to operating ethically and building a nurturing, safe and supportive community for residents.

  • Burger Centre

    Established in 1991, Burger Centre has grown into the heart of the seniors’ community in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Burger Centre is a joint venture between JewishCare and Montefiore, ensuring our volunteers, employees and clients receive the combined expertise, resources and commitment these two well-respected and established organisations bring.

  • COA Sydney

    COA Sydney is a community based not-for-profit group that delivers services to help the frail, aged and those with a disability to stay in their own home for as long as is practically possible. We work with minimal paid staff and a large group of dedicated volunteers who help provide essential daily services to Sydney’s Jewish Seniors. Our services include Sydney’s only Kosher Meals-on-Wheels, a Drop-in Centre and personal, home and financial assessments.

  • JewishCare

    JewishCare NSW is a not-for-profit organisation that for 80 years has been the major provider of services for vulnerable members of our community. JewishCare provides a seamless range of services that include Child and Family Services (which include Domestic Violence programs); Mental Health programs; Disability Services and Community Aged Services.

  • Montefiore

    For more than 120 years Montefiore has played a unique role in the Sydney Jewish community with a commitment to providing for the ever-increasing needs of our ageing community. Montefiore’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of the Jewish aged community by providing an exceptional standard of service and care and embracing the richness of Jewish culture and tradition.

  • Wolper Jewish Hospital

    Wolper Jewish Hospital is a private centre of medical excellence where traditional patient care complements state of the art facilities. Wolper follows a Jewish tradition of 2,000 years of community responsibility for health and support services. Wolper provides specialised medical facilities, palliative care, accredited rehabilitation units and community programs.

Culture, Engagement & Outreach

Being part of the Jewish community is having access to it. From folk and community centres, to sports organisations and places for cultural learning, JCA ensures that the Jewish community feels connected, brought together not just by religion but also by common interests.

B'nai B'rith logo

  • ACT Jewish Community

    The ACT Jewish Community's (ACTJC) relatively small size is belied by its high energy, growing significance as a National entity and jammed packed calendar of events and activities. The ACTJC offers worship, education, JewishCare services, community events, conference hosting, and interfaith dialogue all under the unique governance of the Centre, with orthodox and progressive congregants sharing the one building and all contributing to the Community's wonderful vibrancy.

  • B'nai B'rith logo

    B’nai B’rith

    Founded in the United States, B’nai B’rith is a world-wide Jewish community service organisation, bringing together people of the Jewish faith from all walks of life, without regard for background, level of religious belief or practice, social or economic circumstances. Through its large membership base and network of volunteer supporters, B’nai B’rith is involved in a wide range of activities within both the Jewish and the general community, in the areas of human rights and anti-discrimination, promoting inter-ethnic and inter-religious understanding, social justice, community welfare, youth and young adults, senior citizens’ housing, education, and support for the State of Israel.

  • Jewish Folk Centre

    The Jewish Folk Centre was established in 1941 as a Yiddish cultural centre. For many years, the Jewish Folk Centre made a large impact on the community through the number and quality of its Yiddish functions. There are several activities at the centre including The Yiddish Club, the Hebrew Library, and Hebrew lectures; the hall at the centre is also available for rent for private functions.

  • Maccabi NSW

    Maccabi NSW is an organisation that connects the Jewish community through sport. Maccabi is recognised around the world and involves affiliation with Maccabi Australia and Maccabi World Union which is based in Ramat Gan, Israel.
    Maccabi NSW has 20 affiliated clubs representing diverse sporting interests and membership ranges from 2,500-3,000 members.

  • National Council of Jewish Women of Australia

    National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA) defines itself as a grassroots organisation of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJWA strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms. Some of the NCJWA programs include Mum For Mum and the Jewish Women Breast Cancer Network.

  • Shalom

    Shalom aims to increase the vibrancy of the Sydney Jewish Community by fostering Jewish Life in an inclusive way, through culture, education and professional endeavours. Shalom engages people of different ages and backgrounds through a variety of targeted programs and events that include Shalom Baby, Sydney Jewish Writers Festival, Professional Women’s Forum, Limmud and PJ Library.

Holocaust, History & Heritage

As Jews, we are a people of remembrance. Every Pesach, we recount our exodus from Egypt. We have a special day dedicated to remembering the Holocaust and another for remembering the fallen soldiers of Israel. Every year, we light a candle to remember the death of a loved one. We remember our persecution but more importantly we remember our survival. We understand that we are part of a rich tapestry and so we honour our legacy and traditions in order to inform and enrich our future.

  • Australian Jewish Historical Society

    The Australian Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to promoting the understanding and study of Jewry in Australia since 1788. The Society works with the Jewish community to acquire, preserve and make available unique, authentic and significant documents and materials relating to the Jewish people and organisations in Australia. Through its reading room and its website, the details and stories of Australian Jewish life from personal papers, photos, bound newspapers and corporate records sourced from individuals, synagogues, communities and Jewish organisations can come to life.

  • Sydney Jewish Museum

    Sydney Jewish Museum is the public face of the Sydney Jewish community and for many non-Jews, is indeed their first-ever contact with Jews at all. Whilst functioning as a Museum, it primarily acts as an educational institution and simultaneously as a memorial and a community centre. The all-important permanent Holocaust exhibitions are continually upgraded and improved and sit alongside the museum's offering of engaging temporary exhibitions.

Jewish Education

Education is central to our Jewish way of life and a cornerstone of our community. JCA is proud to support all forms of Jewish education and to see its member organisations grow and develop. Instilling all generations with a deep love of learning about their roots and their traditions breeds a sense of communal affiliation and identity.

  • Emanuel School

    Emanuel School is a co-educational, Jewish Day School, which caters to students from Pre-school to Year 12 on the same heritage-listed campus with beautiful grounds. Emanuel school focuses on empowering and unleashing individual potential, being an inclusive, diverse community open to all, and having a strong Jewish identity.

  • Fund for Jewish Higher Education

    The Fund for Jewish Higher Education promotes and maintains Jewish Studies and Holocaust courses in the major universities in Sydney under the oversight of the Joint Committee for Jewish Higher Education (JCJHE). The Joint Committee for Jewish Higher Education helps students of all ages expand their knowledge at a tertiary level and bring their heritage to life. We believe in the importance of equipping today’s adults with the ability to deal with any matters pertaining to Jewish affairs and prepare educators and future leaders of our community.

  • Kesser Torah College

    Kesser Torah College (KTC) is an Orthodox Jewish Chabad community school. Providing a first-class, child-centred Torah-true Jewish and general education for each individual student, within a nurturing and stimulating environment

  • Masada College

    Masada College, a co-educational school on the North Shore, raises responsible individual thinkers with a strong sense of social justice and confidence in their ability to determine their own future. Masada College prides itself on building close partnerships with parents and teachers, ensuring they maximise the potential of all students from early learning to their primary and senior schools. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to our Jewish College which prides itself on inclusivity.

  • Moriah College

    Moriah College is an independent, co-educational Modern Orthodox Jewish school, which prides itself on providing the highest standard of Jewish education through its early learning, primary and high school offerings. Moriah College aspires to achieve excellent academic standards by promoting its students' intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, and physical development. The college strives to foster critical thought, cultural interests, tolerance, social responsibility and self-discipline with the all-rounded development of students remaining its overall concern.

  • Mount Sinai College

    Mount Sinai College is a co-educational, modern Orthodox Jewish day school focused on academic outcomes that create out of the square thinkers who are community-minded and socially aware. Through its Early Learning Centre and Primary School, Mount Sinai College creates a life-long love of learning in a nurturing Jewish environment Mount Sinai College strives to develop the full potential of every child – intellectually socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and creatively – through child-centred learning experiences.

  • NSW Board of Jewish Education

    NSW Board of Jewish Education inspires the Jewish identity of our Community’s youth and aims to provide a quality Jewish education to children in state and non-Jewish private schools across NSW. To ensure social integration into the Jewish community, NSW Board of Jewish Education provides enrichment and informal education opportunities for the children and their families.

  • NSW Board of Progressive Jewish Education

    The NSW Board of Progressive Jewish Education (BPJE) is the umbrella organisation in New South Wales, of all education bodies which provide pluralist Jewish education and the pluralist Jewish approach to educational issues involving Jewish History, Judaism and Israel. BPJE aims to provide educational experiences that foster a love of Judaism and pride in being part of the pluralist and the wider Jewish community.

Security & Advocacy

As a community, we are blessed that we are empowered to write our own future. 75 years ago, the future of the Jewish people was dire. Over 50 years ago, when JCA was established, it was clear that great efforts needed to be made to ensure our continuity. Now, we know that we have not just survived but thrived. On a day-to-day basis, there are two organisations that advocate for us and keep us safe.

  • Community Security Group

    As a community, we are blessed that we are empowered to write our own future. 75 years ago, the future of the Jewish people was dire. Over 50 years ago, when JCA was established, it was clear that great efforts needed to be made to ensure our continuity. Now, we know that we have not just survived but thrived. On a day-to-day basis, there are two organisations that advocate for us and keep us safe.

  • NSW Jewish Board of Deputies

    NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the officially-elected representative roof-body and voice of the Jewish community of New South Wales. It is recognised by the NSW government, its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups as the representative body of the Jewish community and speaks on its behalf on all matters affecting New South Wales Jewry. The Board leads, speaks and advocates on behalf of the NSW Jewish Community.