JCA provides up to $18m in support for community needs

Including the $1 million in emergency financial relief announced last Thursday, JCA will provide up to $18m to ensure that the community has the resources and backing it requires to continue to provide vital services, as the anticipated need is expected to increase significantly.

The Covid-19 pandemic has begun to inflict significant hardship across our community, impacting on the health, financial and emotional wellbeing of many families. In difficult times, our vibrant network of organisations has always risen to the challenge and provided care and support to those who need it most. JCA will ensure that they can provide services to all those in need.

The following examples are some of the areas of increased need:

Support for the elderly and most vulnerable

Greater demand for COA’s Kosher Meals on Wheels food delivery – especially for the vulnerable and aged of our community who should no longer leave their homes. And increased levels of care and monitoring now required to keep our aged-care residents safe.

Support for physical and mental well-being

Increased counselling and mental health support for isolated individuals and families and those more directly impacted (other than needing to isolate) by Covid-19. And sufficient emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence as, sadly, difficult and stressful times lead to increases in domestic violence.

Emergency financial relief

Increased crisis funding, provided through JewishCare, for those who have lost their jobs, been stood down or have had to close their business. Increased financial assistance will also be required for Jewish Day Schools to avoid having parents withdraw their children as a result of a significant change in circumstances brought about by Covid-19.

Crisis medical funding

Crisis funding needs to be available to support a communal medical response plan should public hospitals and allied health services become overwhelmed.

How JCA will meet these increased community needs

JCA will utilise a significant portion of reserves built up over the past 50 years, in combination with some foundation and major donor gifts, to ensure all our organisations emerge from this norm-breaking crisis having played their part to support our community, and on a sustainable basis.

With many members of our community facing economic uncertainty and financial pressures at this time, JCA has put its annual fundraising campaign on hold. JCA encourages any donors who feel able and willing to support the community at this critical time to contact JCA via email at [email protected] or to donate at www.jca.org.au/donations .

“JCA has the strength to ensure all our organisations can continue to focus on the needs of the community and provide the support that is needed. JCA stands here, strong and proud, ready to ensure continuity and wellbeing of the community at this critical time.”
– Stephen Chipkin, JCA President.

For a listing of key services immediately available to the community, visit  jca.org.au/help . For those who are able and to support the community at this time, email [email protected] or donate at www.jca.org.au/donations .