Strategic Partnerships

JCA’s Strategic Partners are a great source of pride and inspiration to the organisation. Each in their unique and special way create new pathways for engagement, innovation and leadership. This strengthens and grows our community while nurturing, enriching and developing opportunities for others that will ensure continuity for generations to come.

The Choice Foundation

The Choice Foundation strives to give all people more choices in how they want to live their lives. They provide grants for organisations looking to create innovative projects and programs for the benefit of people living with a disability and their families in our community. Some of the incredible initiatives they have funded include Upskill and A Weekend Away and a men’s group home and J-Jobs through JewishCare. Keeping people active has also resulted in the surfing and dance programs through Maccabi NSW gaining traction and popularity whilst also being tremendous fun.

Supporting disability programs and projects through JCA Member organisations, The Choice Foundation nurtures ideas that prompt action leading to new education, vocation, housing, respite and social services that enable everyone to better contribute to and benefit from the community we all share.

We take this opportunity to thank Andrew and Taryn Boyarksy for their passion and vision that makes all these things happen for our community.

"Having an opportunity to provide choice to the Jewish Community within the realm of disability, is a luxury we do not take for granted, but it is the partnership with JCA that allows us to provide these opportunities,  governance and structure . We are so grateful to have the JCA and to know that they believe in our mission."

- Taryn Boyarsky (Founder, JCA The Choice Foundation) 


Established in 2015 the Giving Forum is a group of local major donors and their families who want to inspire philanthropy on a large scale and provide an enduring funding platform to guarantee the local Jewish Community’s financial security and growth over the next century. Their energy and passion for local causes and innovation have changed our community's face of local philanthropy. As the Kickstarter for JCA’s Jumpstart division (now in its eighth year), the Giving Forum has created a space and a platform for young adult engagement in our community where events and bespoke initiatives can be realised that cater to the new generation and their philosophy of giving.

Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) inspires effective philanthropy and strengthens community. Utilising the tools of innovation, collaboration and strong leadership driven by Jewish values, AJF enhances and nurtures strategic philanthropy, and explores philanthropic best practices amongst, and between, funders, social activists and communal organisation partners.

Continuing on with our successful partnership with AJF and together with UIA, JCA launched the JCA and UIA Philanthropy Fellowship delivered by AJF. The Fellowship envisions a Jewish community where young Jewish philanthropists are partners in shaping a vibrant, robust, and inclusive community. It seeks to expand philanthropic leadership in the NSW Jewish community by harnessing the ambition, aspiration and passion of emerging philanthropists. The program offered participants the opportunity to explore how they can use their influence and actions to become agents of change whilst developing skills and a deeper understanding of strategic giving and one’s philanthropic aspirations.

Youth 2 Israel

Y2i (Youth 2 Israel) was established in 2014 to maximise the number of Year 10 students who go on a transformational Israel education program. Responding to the Gen08-inspired JCA TouchPoints Report in 2011, which found Year 10 Israel trips to be pivotal in shaping Jewish identity, the JCA Planning Committee sought to increase program participation in these important “touch points” for the development of strong Jewish identity. These insights, combined with international research, made clear that Israel-based educational programs of five weeks or more, play a significant role in determining Jewish continuity. This provided the catalyst for Y2i which was launched as an Endowment Fund of JCA in 2015.

Whether from Jewish day schools or non-Jewish day schools, Y2i provides an opportunity for all Jewish students to experience Israel at the pinnacle of their high school education.

Y2i provides discretionary subsidies of up to $5,000 to eligible Year 10 students from NSW, ACT and QLD with at least one Jewish parent, making participation in an approved Israel education program more affordable. These Israel experiences of five weeks or longer are a life changing journey of Jewish identity, that support Jewish continuity in our local community.

Year 10 Israel programs are only the beginning of their Jewish journey, both at an individual and communal level. They are stepping stones to a greater understanding of self, our religion, connection, and the broader Jewish community.



The Observership Program

It’s been over 10 years of success for The Observership Program. Founded in 2014 and modelled on a similar successful program in the United States, The Observership Program provides training and practical experience in not-for-profit board leadership and ongoing networking opportunities to create a passionate and motivated community of future leaders. With first-hand exposure to the role of the board, its decision-making and operations as well as targeted training and mentorship its designed to give Observers important skills to bring to the boardroom.

Working with JCA, the Program places young professionals on communal board to learn about board governance and create the next generation of communal leaders.

"The Observership Program is a way to connect talented emerging leaders in the Jewish community to the network of organisations within JCA.  It is a wonderful way to ensure that the leadership of our organisations has a strong pipeline of passionate young people to keep our community vibrant and thriving."

- Jonathan Gavshon