JCA President’s address at 2019 Campaign event

Stephen Chipkin
JCA President

“When our children or grandchildren ask: Why is Jewish identity and community so important to you?
We should answer them in this way:

• In a time when there is a search for meaning, we carry an ancient faith so that you will have spiritual options to fill your lives with light and joy
• In a time of greed and selfishness – we are part of a very old tradition of caring for strangers – the poor and oppressed, children in need, the frail and the disabled
• In a time of forgetfulness – we are part of the oldest living chain of learning and literature in the world, inheritors of an ancient and beautiful culture
• In a time of rootlessness and alienation we connect to a 3500-year-old history.

Tell them that. Tell them that community is our Legacy to them. It is their responsibility to cherish it.”