This article was previously published in JCA Today (November 2022)

We talk a lot about gender diversity these days and JCA, like most other organisations, is keen to get the balance right. JCAs Board is made up of the President of each of our member organisations boards – so we are governed by them. JCA has a 40:40:20 aspiration which we’re working hard on. But it’s not just down to us; it’s down to every organisation we support to do the same. So, here’s some quick facts:

  • 10 of JCA’s supported organisations already meet the 40:40:20 goal
  • Another four are less than 4% away from meeting this threshold
  • If we add up all the Board members in our supported organisations we are 39% female – SO CLOSE!
  • If our supported organisations can attract 26 new female we will have met and exceeded the 40:40:20 goal

So, come on ladies, step up! Find your favourite charity, one that brings you joy, approach them and start a conversation. 

If you would like to discuss further drop us an email at [email protected]

This article was written by Shari Lowe, Head of Planning at JCA


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