First ever Shark Tank 2020 All Stars is announced

26 November 2020

Congratulations to our first ever Shark Tank 2020 All Star…Friendship Bakery!

We are thrilled to announce the winner of JCA Jumpstart’s first ever Shark Tank 2020 All Stars campaign. With over 1,100 votes coming in for our five All Stars, the Sharks and the community have chosen Friendship Bakery. The $5,000 prize will allow them to continue the wonderful work they do to empower people living with a disability.
Congratulations to each one of our All Stars for being part of this wonderful community initiative. All five showcased social enterprises are worthy of winning and we wish we could have awarded a prize to every organisation.
Shark Tank is made possible by our amazing donors, our incredible communal energy and the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that exists inherently within us as a collective. The atmosphere in the room during Shark Tank is always electric! It’s a night that supports coming together under the auspices of social entrepreneurship in the Jewish community, which is so vital for our continuity and critical to assure our community’s success in the future.

Thank you to our All Stars, Sharks and everyone who voted. We hope to be back bigger and better next year for Shark Tank 2021!