Richard and Jacqui Scheinberg Family Endowment

The Scheinberg family have been synonymous with our community since the inception of JCA in 1967.  More recently – the next generation of the family, Richard and Jacqui have given selflessly of themselves, particularly to JCA in ways that are diverse and numerous. This commitment has spanned more than 30 years.

At the heart of it, they believe in the organisation, the member organisations supported by JCA and the programs and services that are offered to the community with the help of communal funding.

“We've always been very aware of what JCA does and it’s something we’re passionate about,” said Jacqui.

In the 1990’s Richard was responsible for championing the establishment of the endowment program, then in its infancy at JCA.  Having sat on nearly all committees that operate within JCA – planning, allocations, status, building and capital – Richard was well aware of the need and saw this as integral to the future success of not only JCA but our community.

“I was aware of the leadership role I could play, and I wanted to guide the way for others to do similar and to endow a capital sum.”

In December, Richard and Jacqui and family endowed $10M to JCA, a portion of which will go towards the general campaign, and a portion which will be for other purposes, including but not limited to capital appeal and assisting new organisations to join JCA – thereby allowing JCA to admit new members without drawing down on money already destined for existing organisations. 

With the world changing so quickly, the Scheinberg Family are keen to give JCA the opportunity, through new organisations, to create the programs and services that will benefit our community and take JCA into the future. 

“We also wanted our annual giving to be converted to a perpetual giving,” Richard and Jacqui continued.

Jacqui has also served on JCA’s Planning Committee and was the Chair of Women’s Gold for x years.  Opening their home regularly for fundraising dinners, both can always be relied upon to create spaces for JCA to thrive.

With their children following in their footsteps, the next generation of Scheinbergs are equally committed and involved – serving on communal boards including JCA committees and completing The Observership Program – a pathway for succession planning, by creating future leaders in our community.

“As we’re getting older – it was really important to us that there is succession – not only with our family personally but also to ensure that the next generation of supporters are brought along for this journey. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen from when we started our involvement with JCA is how the organisation has pivoted – bringing in younger people through events like Shark Tank and The Observership Program. It’s not up to us to tell the next generation what they want – we have to create opportunities for them to innovate and be relevant for their cohort,” Jacqui commented. “Hopefully that is what our endowment will enable,” concluded Richard.

Richard and Jacqui have four grandchildren and are hoping that the world they grow up in is one where they can flourish and grow, appreciating their identity and being part of community.  Giving an endowment to JCA, an organisation they trust and that is respected and well governed was an easy decision.

“Signing the trust deed for the endowment with the family was an honour,” said JCA President Ian Sandler.  “Having worked with both Richard and Jacqui for many years – first as CEO and now as President, this is a testament to a community that is worth investing in for the future, and JCA is committed to not only making that a reality but to ensuring that it is a place that is valued for generations to come”.