in excess of 30,000 hours of protection through the course of 2019

an average of 5 hours of training per week for most CSG personnel attending mandatory weekly training sessions

approximately 280 operational and support staff, managed by a team of 8 full time and 6 part-time staff

‘on-call’ 24/7, 365 days per year, CSG NSW is ‘always here’

2019-20 ALLOCATION   $2,000,000

This program is vital for the physical safety and protection of our community. Charged with the 24/7 oversight and operations that safeguard personal security and strengthen communal physical facilities, including implementation and support of our community’s response to COVID-19. Working closely with State and Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in analysing threats to the community and providing essential advice and resources necessary for threat management and response.

The professional community organisation, CSG NSW, is responsible for the critical systems and services that safeguard our community. To enable the depth of service provision, CSG has essential security infrastructure including a CCTV network with a staffed Control and Crisis Centre, in direct communication with security personnel. They offer extensive training programs providing security personnel, community ushers and hundreds of well trained volunteers where required. Training increases awareness and security skills that promote individual empowerment and confidence.

Other infrastructure includes technical reporting systems (1300 number, CSG Alert app, website, Facebook page and group) facilitating community engagement and immediate incident reporting. 24-hour safety and security hotline provides security advice, assistance, and emergency response.

CSG is responsible for developing and implementing crisis and emergency management plans to ensure community preparedness, readiness and post-crisis resilience. There is close and continuous liaison with local, State and Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in relation to the Jewish community’s specific security needs.

CSG records and follows up on anti-Semitic incidents as part of their ongoing production and dissemination of Threat Assessments, Security Bulletins, Briefing Papers and Annual Review of reported incidents.

CSG also provides independent security services and advice to Jewish institutions and community assets across NSW – consulting to Jewish schools, synagogues and institutions in relation to threats, effective procedures, physical and technical security and emergency/crisis planning. This includes auditing and testing of communal facilities’ security procedures, security personnel and physical security assets.

CSG also works closely with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (NSWJBD) and the NSW Council for Jewish Community Security (CJCS NSW) to secure Government funding for capital works for communal installations. 

CSG NSW receives the majority of its recurrent annual funding from JCA through the auspices of the NSW Council for Jewish Community Security. Simply put, without this recurrent funding, CSG would not be able to provide these vital services.

The entire NSW Jewish Community benefits from these services, which are provided without political or financial bias, and are based solely on threat and security resources required and available. In addition to benefitting JCA member organisations and other communal institutions, CSG NSW provides advice and assistance (where resources allow) to the ACT Jewish Community.

NSW Community Security Group (CSG), under the auspices of CJCS NSW

CSG is tasked with servicing our local Jewish community’s security and emergency management programs and policies.

CSG is run by a small team of professional staff with hundreds of highly trained, committed and dedicated volunteers. Their motto is “To Protect Jewish Life and Jewish Way of Life” which it does in conjunction and consultation with State and Federal Authorities.

CSG focuses its priorities on an overall integrated security plan by providing expert security consultants, trained security personnel, 24-hour incident management and response, proper protocol and procedures at installations, adequate physical and technical security and, most importantly, community support and awareness.

Founding Year

Circa 1978

Joined JCA

2008 under the auspices of CJCS NSW. In its early years, CSG was funded in association with the NSWJBD.


Peter Wise

Head of Security

Matthew Meyerson

Program Partnership