18 advocacy initiatives

23 events attracting 2,300+ participants in 2019

1,000+ media engagements on behalf of the community in 2019

Constant advocacy to promote respect for diversity and the importance of condemning racism, bigotry and antisemitism

2019-20 ALLOCATION $1,562,000

This essential service ensures that the voice of our Jewish community is heard at the highest levels of Federal, State and Local government. It is the peak program for community advocacy in the media on an ongoing basis, as well as in times of crisis. It is also an inclusive voice for outreach to communities of all faiths across Australia and delivers a powerful message against antisemitism, racism and bigotry.

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBD) works hard to build an Australia in which freedom and the civic protections of our civil society are able to flourish. Creating strong coalitions enables defence of Israel’s place in the world, fosters support for democracy and pluralism and safeguards freedom of worship for all.

Advocacy: The JBD builds relationships with members of parliament and government, and with media, in order to advance the community’s message. A recent example of its political advocacy was spearheading a three-year campaign which achieved the passage of legislation outlawing incitement to violence on the basis of race, religion, gender and sexuality.

Coalition Building: The JBD builds alliances among diverse ethnic and religious groups to advance issues of common concern. Fundamental to the mission is the belief that the wellbeing of the Jewish community is integral to that of other faith and ethnic groups.

Strategic Communications: An impactful media presence allows the JBD to amplify their advocacy efforts. Through over 1000 appearances in the media every year – television and radio, press releases, and newspaper columns – the JBD impacts the public debate on their top priorities.

Combatting Antisemitism: Antisemitism has been called the world’s oldest hatred. This, like all forms of racism, is a tangible threat not only to Jews, but also to the fabric of democratic societies. The JBD delivers that message constantly and has the carriage of responding to, and combatting, antisemitic incidents on the community’s behalf.

All members of the Jewish community, through advocacy, coalition building, protection against antisemitism and promotion of a culture of social justice across Australian society.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the officially-elected representative roof-body and voice of the Jewish community of New South Wales.

It is recognised by the NSW Government, its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups as the representative body of the Jewish community. The JBD leads, speaks and advocates on behalf of the NSW Jewish community, with 61 major communal organisations as its constituents.

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