590 Jewish and non- Jewish students have benefitted from the Jewish civilisation, history, Holocaust, Israel and related courses in 2019

55 students completed modern and classical Hebrew Language courses in 2019

26 students are currently undertaking research degrees in these areas

17 graduates have gone on to senior education leadership positions in our community over the last 10 years

2019-20 ALLOCATION  $125,000

This program provides accredited undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Jewish Civilisation, Thought and Culture, Jewish History, the Holocaust and Israel, and modern and classical Hebrew at the University of Sydney. This work promotes advocacy and helps combat antisemitism on campus and beyond.

These courses are a critical feeder of graduates back into the Jewish community. They also empower Jewish and non-Jewish students going into fields such as international relations, media, law, business, the arts and philanthropy by giving them specialised knowledge about Jewish history and thought, the Hebrew language and Israel. Your support thus develops a knowledge of Jewish culture, thought and tradition in Australia’s future leaders across a broad range of areas and industries as well as producing our communities’ future educators. 

Jewish Civilisation, Thought and Culture, Jewish History, the Holocaust and Israel

These courses are offered at both undergraduate and post- graduate level at the University of Sydney through the Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, and offer a pathway for students wishing to teach in Jewish Day Schools, as well as providing deep knowledge of Jewish thought and life for Jewish and non-Jewish students who go on to follow other careers. The Department also provides a strong Jewish presence on campus, which is critical for advocacy and in addressing the growing instances of antisemitism.

Classical and Modern Hebrew Language

Providing the only university program in Australia to offer both classical and modern Hebrew language courses. The courses span four years and an Honours option is available for advanced students. Aside from the education benefits which are reaped by students, the courses also offer a positive presence of both ancient and modern Israeli culture and society at the University which helps fight antisemitism and increases advocacy.

Without funds from JCA, the programs offered would be limited and the intangible benefits to the community of advocacy and countering antisemitism on campus and beyond, would be unachievable.

University students who have a passion for Jewish learning, education and culture influence others through a lifetime of knowledge sharing.

Fund for Jewish Higher Education (FJHE)

FJHE supports Jewish Studies at universities and other tertiary institutions. From the complexities of the Old and the New Testament to the breadth of Jewish history, students explore the foundational texts and histories of western civilisation.

Founded in 1945, the Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies (formerly the Department of Semitic Studies) teaches programs in Classical Hebrew and ancient Semitic languages such as Aramaic and Ugaritic. They also provide comprehensive courses in Jewish Thought, Culture and Civilisation as well as Israel Studies, including Modern Hebrew. Graduates have established careers in fields as varied as education, government, international relations, media, museums, science and the law.

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