300 out of 360 students supported with fee assistance in 2019

70% of the students who graduated at the end of 2019 did so with the support of fee assistance from the community

2019-20 ALLOCATION  $350,000

This program supports the viability of the Orthodox Jewish Day School that would otherwise not be able to provide its services to families in need in its local area.

Kesser Torah College (KTC) services the Orthodox sector of the community in its local area and is currently seeking JCA membership. Although not as yet a member, KTC’s financial need is partially supported by a funding allocation from JCA to ensure the school’s viability.

Assistance from JCA has remained at the same level and continued for the past 13 years, ensuring the school’s viability and an Orthodox Jewish education for hundreds of local students.

KTC is seeking this funding for another year in order to assist families in need who would otherwise not be able to afford this school for their children.

By supporting KTC’s viability you help ensure that community members of all religious streams have a day school to attend.

JCA funding goes directly to support families in need who would otherwise not be able to afford an Orthodox Jewish education for their children.

Kesser Torah College (KTC)

Kesser Torah College offers a unique and authentic Torah education together with a rigorous general studies program. Torah values permeate every aspect of the school day, and beyond. Students are taught to see the complex world of decision-making through the prism of clearly defined Torah values.

Within the vibrant and diverse society of Sydney, KTC students are no strangers to the challenges of this modern, sophisticated environment. KTC guides them through these competing tensions by providing consistency of meaning and purpose: a Torah-true compass that provides a roadmap, not only for childhood and the teenage years, but for life.

Founding Year


Joined JCA

While not yet a member organisation of JCA, Kesser Torah College is supported by funding made available by the JCA Board of Governors.


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