238 students reached

3 learning centres

900 hours of instructional programming per year

2019-20 ALLOCATION $120,000

Weekly progressive Jewish education classes are provided for children aged 5 to 17, embracing and empowering those young progressive members of the community across NSW and the ACT. BPJE encourages and facilitates the participation of students and families, particularly those who may otherwise remain outside of or disengaged from the community.

BPJE has a 40-year history of providing and facilitating progressive and pluralistic Jewish education available to all students in NSW and ACT. With an ethos of pluralism and inclusivity, it’s not just about accepting a spectrum of Jewish religious observance, it’s also about bringing together Jewish students from diverse social, economic and family circumstances. The targeted educational programs meet the specific needs of the different segments of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities. BPJE strongly believes that all Jewish students should have access to a Jewish education regardless of the school they attend, the area in which they live, their parent’s wealth or their level/nature of religious observance.

BPJE’s genuinely inclusive approach leads to a highly diverse student body. Currently enrolments are approximately 238 students across the three campuses. The programs are delivered through the campuses outside of school hours. BPJE encourages and facilitates the participation of students and families within this segment of community and particularly those students and families who may otherwise remain outside of or disengaged from the community. BPJE have developed a targeted model to address the unique needs of each of these segments of the community where options are limited or non-existent.

Students at non-Jewish schools who will benefit from progressive Jewish education classes.

Board of Progressive Jewish Education (BPJE)

The Board of Progressive Jewish Education (BPJE) is the umbrella organisation in New South Wales, of all education bodies which provide Pluralist Jewish education and the Pluralist Jewish approach to educational issues involving Jewish history, Judaism, Hebrew and Israel.

BPJE aims to provide educational experiences that foster a love of Judaism and pride in being part of the Pluralist and wider Jewish community.

The organisation operates at a number of sites in New South Wales and the ACT.

Other programs offered by this provider

BPJE offer a distance learning education program for students who live outside the main service centres.

Founding Year


Joined JCA

1996; 1968 as NSW Board of Liberal (Progressive) Jewish Education



David Speiser