Approximately 400 students qualify for fee assistance each year

5% of students at Emanuel School [54 of 885]

44% of students at Masada College

8% of students at Moriah College

35% of students at Mount Sinai College

2019-20 ALLOCATION  $2,450,000

This program helps ensure that attending a Jewish Day School can be a reality for children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford these schools. Your donation goes directly towards fee assistance for applicants most in need. All Jewish Day Schools across the communal religious spectrum are supported through this JCA funding stream and funds do not go towards any other element of these schools’ budgetary needs.

This program offers support to those students whose families would otherwise be unable to send their children to a Jewish Day School. Ensuring these students have a place at our Jewish Day Schools is paramount for all Jewish education providers. Those with the most need in our community are the beneficiaries of this program.

The total cost of providing this program amongst the four schools outlined is approximately $5.4 million of which the providers fund $2.75 million, leaving a shortfall of the requested funding.

403 students in the Jewish Day School system who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend.

Emanuel School

Emanuel School is the only pluralist and egalitarian K- 12 Jewish school in NSW. They actively promote dialogue, engagement with and respect for diversity in all its forms: in relation to society, the individual and all streams of Judaism.

Their objective is to challenge students to be critical and curious thinkers who love learning, have a strong sense of community, a love for Israel and are proud of their Jewish heritage.

They cultivate a culture of academic excellence, student wellbeing, high expectations and continuous improvement. Teachers use innovative learning approaches and technologies to foster curious, adaptive and ethical students, who are well-prepared for the workforce of the future.

Founding Year



Adam Blackman


Andrew Watt

Masada College

Masada College is a coeducational modern Orthodox Jewish day school that prides itself on inclusivity, welcoming students from all backgrounds. Masada’s educational mission is to raise responsible individual thinkers with a strong sense of social justice and confidence in their ability to determine their own future.

The Masada journey begins from age two, when toddlers join Masada Cottage Early Learning Centre. After this, they move through to three and four-year-old classes, then to the Junior School where they have the option of participating in the Torah Stream. Finally, they graduate from the Senior School as well-rounded, community-minded Australian citizens with a strong sense of their Jewish identity and a lifelong ability to think creatively and independently.

Founding Year



Darryl Dorfan

College Principal

Martin Tait

Moriah College

At its core, Moriah is about belonging. The College provides education to children from diverse backgrounds including a growing number of families requiring fee assistance. Moriah offers an exciting personalised learning experience inspiring student to flourish, think critically, display resilience, take on challenges and develop the skills exhibited by future-ready young adults.

Combining academic programs with innovative experiential and co-curricular offerings gives all students every opportunity to differentiate their school experience.

A strong foundation of modern Orthodox Jewish values is woven into the fabric of each student’s identity, encouraging them to develop an interest in their culture, an engagement with their heritage, and a lifelong connection to Israel and the Jewish people.

Founding Year



Stephen Jankelowitz


Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler

Mount Sinai College

Mount Sinai caters for students from age two, at their Early Learning Centre, up to year six, and strives to build a community of transformative learning with integrity embedded in modern Orthodox Jewish values.

Jewish education has been identified as one of the core pillars in ensuring maintenance of faith and proud identity. A Jewish primary education provides a strong, eternal platform to build continuity, self-concept and self-respect.

Research suggests that most people want a Jewish education but for many this is out of reach. Mount Sinai College’s offering is unique and blends the best of Australian and Jewish heritage. Hundreds of adults today attribute their ongoing success to their Mount Sinai primary education journey which was achievable only through the support JCA offered.

Founding Year



Anthony Berman


Phil Roberts