In 2018 the SJM:

28,500 students and 1,000 teachers educated in 2019

85% of secondary schools in Sydney participated in the program in the last 5 years

330,000 students have participated in the past 27 years

55,500 visitors to the Museum in 2019 and 800,000 in the last 27 years

over 12,000 artefacts collected

2019-20 ALLOCATION $855,000

Educating primary and secondary school students from all around NSW about Judaism, the history of the Holocaust, and how the lessons of the Holocaust are so relevant today. These programs embrace all primary and secondary school students in an age-appropriate way, and ensure future generations understand the lessons from the Holocaust.

The education of future generations is critical in developing a tolerant, inclusive and respectful society, and ensuring the atrocities in Jewish history do not repeat themselves. To achieve this, the Sydney Jewish Museum has been growing its school education programs.

These programs embrace all primary and secondary school students in an age-appropriate way, and ensure future generations understand the lessons from the Holocaust.

Reaching 28,500 students last year, the SJM provides professional educators, highly trained volunteer guides and Holocaust survivors who witnessed the atrocities of the Holocaust to support the students’ learnings, with direct links to the NSW school curriculum.

In order to ensure these education programs are accessible to the widest range of school students, the Museum subsidises the program cost, and relies on the generosity of the community to fund the excess beyond what the Museum is able to cover on its own.

28,500+ NSW school students each year, the vast majority non-Jewish, and their families and friends with whom they, in turn, share their first-hand experience of a visit to the Museum.

Sydney Jewish Museum (SJM)

The Sydney Jewish Museum was born out of a determination of the generation of Holocaust survivors living in Australia, to honour and memorialise those who were murdered in the Holocaust. They wanted a place to hold stories and precious personal objects, and to teach the lessons from history.

Today, 26 years since its inception, the Museum continues to give a voice to the victims of the Holocaust so their stories can start conversations and inspire change.

The Museum collects and preserves historic objects from Holocaust history and Jewish life in Australia, and commemorates and educates, with a mission to challenge visitors’ perceptions of morality, social justice, democracy and human rights.

Other programs offered by this provider

Preservation & Conservation of Historical Artefacts:  Collecting and conserving original memorabilia related to the Holocaust, Judaica and Australian Jewish history.

Adult Education Programs:  Providing inspiring events, including Holocaust survivor talks, panel discussions, public lectures, film screenings and book launches. Delivering tailored professional training programs on ethical leadership, empathy and personal responsibility.

Holocaust Commemoration: Events are held at specific times of the year as public commemorations to the six million who were murdered, and throughout the year the Sanctum of Remembrance and Children’s Memorial provide opportunities for reflection and remembrance of individuals and families who perished.

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Professor Gus Lehrer AM FAA


Norman Seligman

Program Partnership

The Sydney Jewish Museum works closely with many communal organisations on a range of programs to educate students and adults, to preserve historical artefacts and to commemorate the Holocaust.
Partnerships include: NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Montefiore, Australian Jewish Historical Society, Board of Jewish Education, Emanuel School, Masada College, Moriah College and Mount Sinai College.