323 boxes from NSW Jewish Board of Deputies organised and catalogued

2,000 historical files from the archives of AJHS collection catalogued

50 new boxes of personal papers from the late Sophie Caplan, Louise Rosenberg and Joachim Schneeweiss

Acquisitions from four more communal organisations

31,600 pages of AJHS Journals digitised

6,500 searchable records of service men and women linked to National Archive

80,000 records of Jewish burials

45,000 community members now able to access digitised archives

2019-20 ALLOCATION $75,000

Since the First Fleet, Jews have been part of the rich tapestry of Australia. This three-year project aims to preserve local Jewish historical information in all its forms, across all communal organisations, providing a rich legacy of Jewish continuity for future generations.

The archive gathers in and then provides all in the community with access to records including, among others, minutes of meetings of organisations, details of Jewish Australian service men and women, locations of Jewish burials Australia-wide and 80 years of digitised Australian Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) journals and more.

This project collates Jewish historical information, in all its forms, and make it accessible online. AJHS is collaborating with communal organisations to achieve this community wide project. All communal organisations in Sydney have been invited to deposit their archives for arrangement and safe- keeping.

The initial project is estimated to run for three years, with the funding used to employ a communal archivist and associated technology and running costs. The total budgeted over the three years is $450,000. A donor is supporting this project, providing 50% of the required budget.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”
– Winston Churchill

All communal organisations, historians, school children, all residents of NSW and the broader community.

Australian Jewish Historical Society

The Australian Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to promoting the understanding and study of Jewry in Australia since 1788. The Society works with the Jewish community to acquire, preserve and make available unique, authentic and significant documents and materials relating to the Jewish people and organisations in Australia. Through its reading room and its website, the details and stories of Australian Jewish life from personal papers, photos, bound newspapers and corporate records sourced from individuals, synagogues, communities and Jewish organisations, come to life.

Other programs offered by this provider

Holocaust and Heritage Online Archive program, in collaboration with the Sydney Jewish Museum, is an allied program that will provide online access to the most extensive archives and collections related to Jewish community in Australia.

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