105 Jewish volunteers actively engaged in community outreach work with regular training in relationship skills

22 Jewish mothers, mostly new to Australia, were supported in 2019

55 nationalities supported since inception

2019-20 ALLOCATION $73,000

The MUM FOR MUM program trains Jewish volunteers to support and mentor new mothers in crisis. The volunteers check-in weekly with recipients to offer emotional support and guidance during their first year of parenting. The program has a diverse range of participants. Situations for these mothers has become more dire with the COVID-19 crisis.

It may take a village to raise a child, but for some women in our community, the key to navigating new motherhood in a positive way has been their MUM FOR MUM NCJWA mentor.

Established in 2008, trained and supervised volunteers in our community visit mothers in their homes to provide one-on-one emotional support, empowering the mother to be the best mother she can be. The outcomes for the future wellbeing of the child are well researched.

Many women feel alone and overwhelmed when first becoming a parent. If there are no family members or friends nearby with whom they can share these experiences, this can severely impact the parent’s mental health and that of her family.

New mothers are paired with more experienced and trained mothers who volunteer their time to build a support system, enabling them to find other professional supports as needed. 

Referrals are made via hospitals, early childhood clinics and other professionals and word of mouth. Weekly support continues until their baby’s first birthday. 

MUM FOR MUM NCJWA promotes fundamental Jewish principles of tikkun olam. The program mentors are a voice for Judaism in the community and a counter-balance to antisemitism. Many volunteers become connected and engaged with our community through their involvement in MUM FOR MUM NCJWA and learn skills that directly benefit our community.

Beneficiaries of this program are vulnerable and isolated mothers in their first year of parenting.

Mum for Mum

MUM FOR MUM was established as an initiative of the National Council of Jewish Women NSW in 2008 and expanded its services to the North Shore of Sydney in 2017. The program is based on the JF&CS’s Visiting Moms Program which started in Boston 28 years ago and the Em’ l’Em Program in Israel.

Founding Year


Board Chair

Diane Schaffer

Executive Director

Nadene Alhadeff

Mum for Mum (as part of NCJWA)

Mum for Mum NCJWA is a non-denominational home-visiting program where trained volunteers, who are mothers themselves, visit a mum in the last trimester of pregnancy and for the first year of their baby’s life in order to provide emotional support.

With the changes in people’s lifestyles, where most mothers are not living in close proximity to their families or do not have the supports with which they grew up, Mum for Mum NCJWA aims to relieve isolation and reduce anxiety and depression, through creating a safe and caring space for mums to delight in their babies and develop secure attachment.

Other programs offered by this provider

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA) strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms. Other programs include Cancer Support Network, Books Out Loud, Cuddle Bundles and birthing kit days to support women in African nations.

Founding Year

1923 NCJWA

Joined JCA


Board Chair

Dianne Schaffer

General Manager

Nadene Alhadeff