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Programs and events to promote and preserve Yiddish and Hebrew language and culture. A social centre for Israelis to connect and celebrate Israeli culture and traditions.

The Jewish Folk Centre Ha’Moadon Ha’Israeli predominantly serves the Israeli migrant community, providing a social hub where Israelis can come together, feel connected to Israel and speak Hebrew, while also feeling part of the Sydney Jewish community.

The Hebrew Literature and Hebrew creative writing Group meets regularly each Monday evening where the latest Israeli books are discussed. The Chug Tarbut group is an Israeli Cultural Group that meets on the last Sunday of each month. The program has been running for many years and there are often guest speakers from the wider community and also from Israel. The group is frequented by Israelis and locals, so at times the event runs in Hebrew and at times in English.

There is also the Yiddish Group that meets on the first Monday of each month where non-Israelis gather for a “Schmooze and Bagel,” where they have a lovely breakfast, speak Yiddish, listen to some music or even have someone perform or lecture in Yiddish

Attendees at the Jewish Folk Centre gather for chagim, to celebrate Israeli holidays like Yom Ha’atzmaut and to commemorate Yom HaZikaron. The second night communal Pesach seder is a highlight of the annual calendar as is the second night Rosh Hashanah. For many Israelis, it has become a home away from home.

Once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, the Centre hosts a Mifgash – a Social Meeting for members and friends that combines a music presentation plus a lecture from visiting guests; Israelis and local. The famous Hebrew Sing Along attracts many Israelis and local enthusiasts. The Jewish Folk Centre proudly publishes its own newsletter in Sydney, in both Hebrew and English.

The Jewish Folk Centre is an active contributor to the local community. Through funding from JCA, the Centre has collaborated with JewishCare to provide a purpose-built kitchen space for their Our Kitchen Hand program which teaches domestic skills to people with varying disability. The program is run daily from the Centre’s renovated hall.

The Centre is investing in our future, extending its programs to younger members of the community with its new Moadon Kids group. The group’s first successful event took place this past Chanukah with many young Israeli families and children enjoying Chanukah activities and holiday foods.

Those in the community who are Yiddish or Hebrew speakers, seeking a cultural immersion, and Israeli migrants to Sydney looking for a home away from home.

Jewish Folk Centre

The Jewish Folk Centre started life around 70 years ago as the Yiddishe Folk Centre, founded by Holocaust survivors who wanted to keep the Yiddish language alive. Activities are offered to those Yiddish and Hebrew speaking members of the community who wish to immerse themselves in cultural activities and keep a traditional link to their roots.

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