120 people attended first night Seder in 2019

140 guests attended the communal Rosh Hashanah dinner in 2019

38 children attending classes weekly

20 teens and youth attending classes weekly

5 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs celebrated in 2019

15 hours of social support services delivered weekly

2019-20 ALLOCATION $188,000

Providing vital services to the Canberra Jewish community to build a vibrant Jewish identity in the nation’s capital. Delivering education and cultural services for adults, teenagers and young children; social welfare for people in need; and political and diplomatic engagement on behalf of the national Jewish community. Housing the National Jewish War Memorial, and a Jewish museum and library, as resources for the broader community to understand the contribution of Jews to Australia.

A broad range of Jewish educational programs are offered in ACT to holistically promote Jewish learning and culture, as well as support services for vulnerable members of the community. The ACT community is a diverse cohort who may not otherwise have any touchpoint with Judaism. A role model of an inclusive Jewish community operating under one roof, the support programs span the spectrum of Orthodox, Progressive and secular Jewish identity.

Education programs and social activities are instrumental in ensuring that young adults are actively engaged and empowered in running programs for their demographics. Youth education and mentoring has seen participants become leaders and this program has maintained a steady cohort of active members. Adult education classes are run through the year with guest speakers and regular events and lectures.

Children’s education has been cemented through continued consultation with the community, parents, board, and staff, as a fully functioning program. There has been a dramatic increase in engagement and higher rates of participation, with learning goals being reached or exceeded.

As well as teaching, community members run events, festival meals and celebrations as part of the service offering. Support is also offered for the vulnerable and grieving in the community in partnership with JewishCare NSW. This support includes: home visits, food delivery, transport services, welfare and pastoral care to families and individuals in need.

Without this funding this regional community would not have the touchpoints to Judaism, holistic overview and the communal gatherings which are the cornerstone of the vibrancy in the ACT.

Support services also reach out to the broader Australian community – providing the National Jewish War Memorial, museum and library as resources for school visits, interfaith engagement and political and diplomatic engagement to showcase the contribution of Australia’s Jews to the whole community.

Our core beneficiaries are 1,000 residents in and around the ACT. Our outreach activities to the broader Australian community directly support an additional 1,000 people each year and have an enduring impact through building partnerships and awareness.

ACT Jewish Community

The ACT Jewish Community hub is located in the centre of Canberra, adjacent to the Parliament triangle. We welcome all Jewish people to Canberra and provide cultural, welfare, religious, education and outreach services across the spectrum of Orthodox, Progressive and secular Judaism identity. We are a role model of an inclusive Jewish community operating under one roof to serve all.

We house the National Jewish War Memorial, a Jewish museum and library as a community resource for outreach to the broader Australian community to showcase the rich history and contribution of Australian Jews to our nation.

Other programs offered by this provider

We work closely with the Embassy of Israel on joint programs, with the Danny Lamm Library on management of our library resources, and with the diplomatic community and members of Federal Parliament to foster engagement with the Australian Jewish community.

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Veronica Leydman

Program Partnership

JewishCare NSW
National Council for Jewish Women of Australia – ACT Chapter
Australian Jewish Historical Society - ACT
ACT Zionist Council / Australian Zionist Youth Council
Moishe House Without Walls