500 attendees at Shark Tank 2019

$75,000 distributed to social entrepreneurs at Shark Tank

38% increase in Jumpstart giving in 2019 vs 2018

22% increase in giving from young major donors

2019-20 ALLOCATION  $50,000

A new way to engage younger people in our community, using innovative initiatives to create a connection in our next generation. Jumpstart initiatives include the Innovation Hub co-working space and Innovation Speaker Series, the Jumpstart annual Shark Tank pitch event, Jumpstart Volunteer, engagement with Millennials and Young Major Donors and Jumpstart Junior which brings community philanthropy to young families and their children.

In 2015 JCA noticed that the average age of a donor to JCA was 64 years old. Less than 10% of adults in the community under the age of 40 engaged with or donated to the JCA community network. Without an intervention, the situation was undesirable and unsustainable.

Jumpstart was established – a fresh approach to engage with young people and change their perceptions about JCA, the community and the role every young person has in ensuring continued vibrancy of the Jewish community.

Funding to date has been provided by The Giving Forum and individuals in the community, but with great results, great growth is possible.

Jumpstart introduced a range of initiatives to appeal to this segment of the community, including:

Jumpstart Innovation Hub – a co-working space for Jewish entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to work and exchange ideas and obtain advice and mentoring.

Jumpstart Innovation Speaker Series – a ‘master class’ style speaker engagement series where young business leaders share stories and insights about their start-up and business growth experience.

Jumpstart’s annual ‘Shark Tank’ pitch event – where social innovators with ideas benefiting the community can pitch and win grants to help transform their ideas into realities.

Jumpstart Volunteermatching organisations in the community network looking for skilled volunteers with those in the community willing to donate their time.

Millennials – events and engagement with the younger end of the Jumpstart demographic; an entrée to philanthropy within the community.

Young Major Donors – fostering relationships and growing the numbers of Young Major Donors; encouraging their engagement and their attendance at the JCA Annual Fundraising Event.

Jumpstart Junior – an interactive program designed to engage young families and develop a social conscience and awareness of giving for children.

Jumpstart’s highly engaged volunteer committees focus on innovative initiatives that build social, entrepreneurial and philanthropic connections between individuals and across community.

The younger generation through vibrant, active engagement in the Jewish community and the community as a whole through the cultivation of future leaders and next-generation donors.


Jumpstart is JCA’s newest start-up, aimed at engaging the next generation with JCA (both in terms of engagement and fundraising). A dedicated team of volunteers together with the Jumpstart Co-chairs, Jonathan Baruch and Ben Levi, and the JCA office, work together to ensure Jumpstart is meeting the needs of the next generation.

Founding Year



Stephen Chipkin, JCA President


Jonathan Barouch & Ben Levi