Over 1,700 in-patient admissions in 2019

Over 1,000 attendees at Day Rehabilitation in 2019

Over 600 attendees at MoveWell exercise classes in 2019

Over 500 attendees at Wellbeing seminars in 2019

Wolper Jewish Hospital is an extremely proud JCA member organisation. Its mission is to provide outstanding quality healthcare services to the Jewish and general communities, through its focus on the health, comfort and dignity of its patients within a framework of Jewish values and ethos. Whilst Wolper gratefully accepts bequests and donations, the Hospital Board of Directors is dedicated to ensuring the Hospital’s financial sustainability and neither requests nor receives a financial allocation from JCA, preferring to leave such funds available for other community organisations.

As Australia’s only Jewish hospital, Wolper specialises in rehabilitation, medical and palliative care. Wolper’s inpatient services include Rehabilitation which includes a specialised service for older patients with complex medical needs, and Palliative Care. Day services include Day Rehabilitation, the MoveWell exercise program, Physio at Home, Private Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology sessions. 

As the majority of the Hospital’s patients are not Jewish, Wolper takes the opportunity to highlight various aspects of Judaism through its observance of chagim Shabbat dinners, kosher food, cultural activities, and palliative care practices. 

Wolper supports community screening and genetic testing for nine genetic disorders including Cystic Fibrosis, Tay -Sachs, Canavan Disease, Familial Dysautonomia and Fanconi Anaemia. Additionally, Wolper has been pivotal in the continuing success of Gift of Life Australia – raising awareness of and recruiting for much-needed donors for stem cell, bone marrow and cord blood transplants.

Wolper supports the health and wellbeing of the general community through its ‘Wellbeing’ series of health-related educational seminars, and through its support of other like- minded organisations. For example, in 2019 the Hospital donated a new emergency response vehicle to Hatzolah, increasing their fleet to three.

The Wolper Jewish Hospital Health Foundation was established in 2014 with the aim of funding health and wellbeing initiatives that deliver clear benefits to the Jewish and general community. Over $800,000 has been granted to good causes since the Foundation was established. Grants include the Australian Jewish Fertility Network, Maccabi NSW, Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Friendship Circle, Kids Giving Back, Camp Sababa, Holdsworth Community, Jewish House, Parkinson’s NSW, Shalom Gamarada, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and JewishCare for the Jewish Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Program beneficiaries are those directed for rehabilitation, medical or palliative care from the Jewish and broader community.

Wolper Jewish Hospital

Since opening its doors on its present site in 1961, Wolper Jewish Hospital has become one of Australia’s leading private hospitals providing high-quality care to all members of the Jewish and general communities, within the framework of the Jewish ethos.

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Richard Glass


John Tucker

Program Partnership

Hatzolah and Gift of Life Australia
Support for programs of other JCA member organisations, including:
Burger Centre
JewishCare: Jewish Suicide Prevention Strategy,
Camp Sababa
Maccabi NSW
Shalom Gamarada