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For families adversely affected by COVID-19, this fund was set up by JCA in partnership with JewishCare to support the very basics required for daily living. No person should go without food, shelter or medicines and this fund serves to fulfil those needs and ensure families can sustain themselves during this crisis and in the months that follow.

The Jewish Emergency Relief Fund is designed to help alleviate financial hardship and the associated emotional stress to ensure that no member of our community goes without essentials and a helping hand.

Assistance is intended for those who face immediate hardship as a result of losing their jobs (or a substantial part of their livelihood) as a consequence of the pandemic.

Funding will prioritise families with school age children and individuals at risk of homelessness. Please note that funding is not available for people in receipt of Government Aged Care Pension or Disability Support Pension, nor does it cover young adults living at home.

Funding will cover essential needs – like food, shelter and medicines and any other critical goods or services not otherwise publicly available – up to a total of $5,000 per family. The Fund will operate as a supplement to available government support (not as a substitute).

Grants will be made at the discretion of JewishCare upon application and subject to a financial assessment (to ensure the money gets to those who truly need it).

Any member of our community experiencing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, and who is in need of emergency financial assistance, should contact JewishCare via email at [email protected].


Established as the German Jewish Refugee’s Fund in the mid 1930’s in response to the atrocities in Europe. Through its work, several hundred Jews were saved from Nazi persecution and, after the war, continued to assist many people migrating to Australia and support them to settle.
JewishCare today is the major provider of non-residential services to our community, responding to the needs of the aged, people with a disability, families and youth in crisis, and people with mental health issues – often the most vulnerable people in our community and therefore those most in need of our help.

Other programs offered by this provider

JewishCare provides many programs to the community across a plethora of services. These include services to aged people living in their own homes, including Holocaust survivors, disability support and services, youth services, NDIS packages, families and individuals in crisis, friendship clubs and social events, Chai Emergency Relief and FirstCall, a hotline for all those who need assistance including anyone who is feeling vulnerable.

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