The future of our community rests with the young people that inspire their peers.

The future of our community rests with the young people that inspire their peers. We asked some of this year’s School Captains what it means to them to be a leader, how they feel about their Jewish identity, Tzedakah and their hopes for the future. Their answers were uplifting and heartfelt and demonstrate that the future of our community is in safe hands.

“One of the reasons why Mount Sinai is special to me and my family, is because my mum was one of the first students at this school. And my grandma was one of the people who helped make the school and my mum and her sisters went here, and now my sister and I go to the school. At school, I’ve learned that anybody can be a part of any community and you might not think of it, but people are part of many communities all at the
same time". Toby Schwartz – School Captain, Mount Sinai College

"The Jewish community is really important to me, because it’s my whole entire history. Being a Jew is a part of me. When I think about the Jewish community, I think about people helping each other and here at Mount Sinai we are all part of the Jewish community, and we all help each other. At Mount Sinai, they teach us that you can be in the community no matter where you are." Eve Arber – School Captain, Mount Sinai College

"I think Tzedakah is really important as a Jew, because Tikkun Olam is at the heart of everything we do. And I think it really drives our need for social change and social justice in the actions we take not just internally and in the community, but also in making a difference outside of the community. Part of the values I’ve been taught at Emanuel School are to follow my passions to strive to be the best that I can be not just for me, but for the community around me and for all of us to sort of grow together and learn together and be in that space where we can value each other as well as ourselves."

Victoria Miller, Senior Madricha, Emanuel School

"I think one of the most important things that we strive for at Emanuel is a sense of belonging, and making sure that everyone is included. Community is very important, because when we reach really tough times, we’ll be able to support each other and be there. So just having the knowledge that there are others out there for you makes the community incredibly strong."

Myles Cohn, Senior Madrich, Emanuel School

"I think a strong community is so important because it provides that support system and allows people to reach out and actually ask for help. But it also provides a place for people who can help to actually help those in need through organisations for the individual and community as a whole."

Tali Kaplan, School Captain, Moriah College

"I think what’s so amazing about Jewish education is that it teaches us our values, and they’ve been our values for 2000 plus years. It’s the combination of values learn at home with those I learn at school. And this is all brought together through the chagim at school, the informal Jewish education and in the classroom. And then this all culminates in a graduation eventually - that it’s who I am and it’s built upon this 15 year process of school. My hope for the future is that as a community, both out of my small Moriah community and greater Jewish community that we can build a stronger foundation where we can bond to support each other, even more so than we are right now. And to build connections with one another.”

Daniel Jankelowitz, School Captain, Moriah College

"JCA is very important to our community because not only do they support Masada and the other Jewish schools, but they also support a lot of really important organisations like the Wolper Jewish Hospital, the Sydney
Jewish Museum, the Montefiore, which really link all our families, so they encompass us and our whole community. In this particular community we are very fortunate. I think volunteering, especially from a young age, in and out of school, helps us to learn and appreciate what we have, but also how important it is for us to give back and help other people who are less fortunate."

Roni Oren, Head Madricha, Masada College

"My Jewish identity is important to me because as a leader at the school I
love teaching the younger children, lots of traditions and passing on those
traditions for generations to come. I think it’s really important because I
want to be a strong Jewish woman when I’m older. When I’m older, I also
want to be a leader and a role model for lots of people and help bring
justice to the world."

Jaida Walt, Junior Madricha, Masada College

"I think JCA is important to our community because they can help us grow. We know we’re being cared for and loved and they help with aged care, social justice and education and help us grow as a Jewish community".

Ashira Bass, Junior Madricha, Masada College