Likeminded individuals connect through networking and philanthropy.

Following a successful 2021 campaign event earlier this month, JCA’s Young Major Donors division continues to grow and thrive.

“We are passionate about engaging with other members of the community, under the age of 40 who believe in the power of supporting our local Jewish community. We want to create awareness amongst people our age that we are here and that we have a common goal – to ensure that JCA has the funds to ensure that we remain vibrant and secure.” commented Carli Skurnik, co-chair of the YMD division.

With an annual minimum donation of $1200 per couple (or $600 per person) this translates to $100 per month and it’s tax deductible.

While supporting the community, this group of donors also have the opportunity to network and socialise at events that challenge their imagination and intellect. Sharing experiences with each other to motivate entrepreneurship, or simply to inspire, events are charged with energy while they gain a deeper understanding of the impact their philanthropic dollars are making on the 24 local Jewish organisations supported by JCA.

“Being part of YMD while being aspirational, is really about believing in our community and recognising that one day, the baton is going to be handed down to us because we’re the next generation of major givers,” concluded Carli.

To get involved and find out more about our YMD Division email [email protected]