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Our September newsletter is a tribute to all those organisations supported by JCA that care for people in our local Jewish community. From young to old, programs and services work towards ensuring that wellbeing, be it physical, mental or emotional are front of mind.  To the professionals and volunteers that make this all possible we thank you for your commitment – you are the reason why we continue to thrive.

Ahead of Succot, we wish you all Chag Sameach!

Shabbat Shalom,
The JCA Team

Socialising - The key to a long & healthy life
Burger Centre


A recent study from Penn State University discovered that adults aged between 70 and 90 demonstrated improved cognitive performance when they had frequent and positive social interactions. With age, social circles often evolve or shrink.  Actively seeking to nurture connections becomes all the more crucial.

The Burger Centre, with its established locations in Randwick and Hunters Hill, embraces this ethos. Their Senior’s Day program presents a spectrum of activities aimed at enhancing participant wellbeing and promoting independence. From exercise classes including Tai Chi and Hydro-cise, to special events, outings, overnight trips and engaging hobbies, there’s something for everyone. The day isn’t just about activities; it’s also about community, fostering new friendships, and includes a hot Kosher meal and the convenience of door to door transportation services.

Lyudmila, a spirited 83-year-old attendee, enthuses about the exercise sessions, particularly the dance components. "I come away feeling so energised," she says. Beyond the physical, she highlights the cognitive and social perks, noting, "When there are presentations or lectures about museums or music, I walk away feeling enriched."

Clive Chazan, a dedicated social worker at the Burger Centre, champions the myriad advantages the centre offers. “The ripple effects of staying socially engaged are tremendous. From sharpened cognition and boosted self-esteem, to warding off feelings of isolation. It undeniably elevates the quality of life for our seniors by fostering joy, contentment, and a profound sense of belonging."

For more information or to attend contact the Burger Centre on 83459147. (They also offer government subsidies.) Burger Centre is a partnership between JCA, Montefiore and JewishCare and receives an allocation of $100,000 from JCA that assists them to provide their services to the community.

Celebrating 30 Years of Giving  
Decades of Community Support

Many of our donors have been giving to JCA for over 30 years, an incredible legacy for which we are very grateful. Every month we recognise donors who celebrate 30 years since the anniversary of their first donation, thus entering this '30 Club'.

Mazel Tov to the following people. Your loyalty and commitment to our local Jewish community is incredible.

      Katherine Meyer
Danny Meyer
    Miriam Gelbart
        Ashne Levinstein

Jacqueline Shrimski
Ziva Moss
Joel Moss
Melissa Richardson

Language and Care
JewishCare NSW

JCA member organisation JewishCare is tasked with caring for our community across many different sectors – family and children, disability, those dealing with mental health issues and our seniors. In these situations, JewishCare are committed to ensuring that people to feel safe and understood. To them, language is more than a tool for communication it plays a vital role in fostering a sense of safety for members of our community. When clients are able to communicate in their mother tongue, research has shown that it makes it easier for them to express anxiety or worry as well as describe feelings of pain in greater detail. It is also more supportive of nonverbal communication.

To meet the communication needs of their clients, of which 52% are Russian speaking, JewishCare has prioritised having bilingual staff. Twenty-one of their Support Workers and five of their Care Managers speak Russian and they also have staff who can seamlessly converse in Hebrew, Hungarian, and Yiddish as well as English.

Jenny Panchenko, a social worker within JewishCare’s Community Aged Services team, attests to the transformative power of language in caregiving; "In my experience, language is so much more than just words—it's a bridge to understanding and support”, comments Jenny.

Beyond the bond of a common language, shared culture, and history play a huge role in making clients feel understood and cared for. Iris Schwarzmann, also from JewishCare’s Community Aged Services team, speaks to the profound impact of cultural understanding in caregiving;

“I recall a moment with a client who mentioned their neighbour, Shmuel. While Shmuel needed care due to his declining health, he was hesitant to seek it out. Interestingly, during a chance encounter, Shmuel overheard me speaking with my Israeli accent. He was immediately drawn to the familiar sound, inquiring if I spoke Hebrew. The realisation that we shared both a language and heritage was a turning point for him."

The role of cultural and linguistic understanding in caregiving cannot be understated. Beyond the mechanics of speech, the nuances of language and culture anchor individuals to their roots, offering an invaluable source of comfort and connection in moments of vulnerability. Such insights reiterate the importance of ensuring that caregiving is as much about honouring identity and heritage as it is about addressing physical and emotional needs.

To find out more about JewishCare’s services, and how they can provide support to you or a loved one, call 1300 133 660 or email [email protected]
In 2023 JewishCare received an allocation of $1,100,000 from JCA to assist in bringing services to our community

Unique patient-centred medicine review discharge service
At Wolper

Care at Wolper Jewish Hospital extends even when patients are leaving – looking at what’s in their best interest post rehab – they offer a medication review service as part of their ‘Rehabilitation for older people’ service. Operated by specialist physicians, the service is supported by a multidisciplinary team including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nursing staff, exercise physiologists, speech pathologist, dietitian, social worker, discharge planner and a pharmacist.

Part of this service includes a medication review that came about Wolper Clinical Pharmacist Ben Basger undertook a research study with colleagues from Sydney University into the number of medicines accumulated by older people for various medical conditions as they age. Once the results were evaluated, a medical review service was established to advise on the side effects of various medications (and their interactions) for patients leaving Wolper.

Previously, upon discharge a patient’s medication was reviewed by the clinical pharmacist and a letter was sent to the patient’s GP making recommendations for any changes needed.

The research showed that these recommendations were not always taken-up. This was due to several factors including GP time pressure, the GP not being aware there was a problem, complacency, and a lack of follow-up from the patients themselves.

Now on discharge, Dr Basger talks directly to patients about their medicines in terms that are easy to understand and meaningful to them, usually in the company of a relative, carer or friend. Issues that are discussed include why the medicine was prescribed, how it works, how well it is doing its job, whether there is a better medicine available, whether there is a choice of not having to take a medicine at all, whether the medicine may be causing problems which another of their medicines is treating and whether there are side effects. Everything that is discussed is written down in plain English as recommendations and given to the patient upon discharge from Wolper.

Wolper is proud of its contribution to improving patient care through research facilitated by Dr Basger that is now put into practice. For more information on Wolper Jewish Hospital go to

Nosh Nook
Lydia's Chicken Noodle Soup

"The reason I keep working at JCA past retiring age is because I'm passionate about Jewish community & continuity" - Lydia Vesely, Relationship Manager


  • 1.5 kgs chicken pieces
  • 1 Chicken carcass
  • 5 chicken wings
  • 4 carrots
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 1 large onion peeled cut in quarters
  • ½ Kg giblets optional
  • Salt to taste
  • Angel hair pasta


  1. Place all ingredients, except pasta in a large pot with a lid.
  2. Fill pot with cold water until the chicken is just covered.
  3. Place lid on the pot and bring to the boil.
  4. Reduce to a low simmer and cook for 1.5 hours.
  5. Remove chicken and vegetables from the pot. Strain liquid into a clean pot.
  6. Cool soup and remove fat. Chop carrots.
  7. Place chicken and vegetables into the reserved liquid.
  8. Bring pot back up to a simmer and add pasta.
  9. Once the pasta has cooked the soup is ready to serve.

Coming Up In Community

Sydney Jewish Museum

2024 Sydney Jewish Museum Berlin and Poland tour

The Sydney Jewish Museum is leading a powerful and enriching 13-day tour that will travel to Berlin, Warsaw, Lublin and Krakow, from Sunday 30 June to Saturday 13 July 2024.

The tour will be conducted by English-speaking local guides, with specialised historical content delivered by Associate Professor Dr Avril Alba, Head of Holocaust Studies and Jewish Civilisation, Sydney University.

The trip will cover 13 nights in 4 and 5-star hotels, of which you will spend:

  • 4 nights in Berlin
  • 4 nights in Warsaw
  • 1 night in Lublin
  • 4 nights in Krakow

Some sites you can expect to visit will include Wannsee Villa, Sachsenhausen, Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps and Lodz.

The tour will include arrival and departure transfers, accommodation, all breakfasts, most dinners and lunches, modern air-conditioned coaches, as well as museum and sight-seeing entry fees. Airfare and travel insurance are not included. 

For enquiries about the program, please fill out the form HERE, or contact Rony Bognar OAM, Head of Volunteers at [email protected] or (02) 9360 7999.

Kids Workshop: Weave a story (Ages 5-10)

Tuesday 3 October | 10.30am – 12:30pm
$25 per child, parents enter free (Bookings are essential)

Kids Workshop: Create with clay (Ages 5-10)

Wednesday 4 October | 10.30am – 12:30pm
$25 per child, parents enter free (Bookings are essential)

Kids Workshop: Build a mini sukkah (Ages 5-10)

Thursday 5 October | 10.30am – 12:30pm
$25 per child, parents enter free (Bookings are essential)

Expert talk with Professor Uzi Rebhun

Wednesday 4 October | 1pm | In person
Free for SJM members, $15 for non-members

An evening of migration stories

Thursday 5 October | 5.00pm – 8.00pm
$20 for members / $35 for non-members

Meet the author: The Life and Times of Dr Fanny Reading

Thursday 5 October | 6.45pm

Moriah College

Celebrate 80! Moriah's Community Festival 

Register HERE

JewishCare NSW & JCA The Choice Foundation 

Brave Talks

Over the past year, a collaboration between JCA The Choice Foundation and JewishCare has been changing the conversation around mental health in our community. Brave Talks has seen people coming forward, willing to share their stories of trauma in the hope of helping others.  The two organisations are committed to tackling the challenging conversations and reducing the stigma of mental health in our community. By sharing their lived experience speakers at Brave Talks have given hope and inspired others to courageously come forward.

To discuss ideas you may have to improve or enhance services in this space or want to know more about Brave Talks please email [email protected]

Maccabi NSW

MegaCamp School Holiday Program

Looking for something to do with your kids this school holiday? 🌞 Maccabi NSW have the PERFECT solution that your kids will absolutely LOVE!

🏆 Maccabi Mega Camp Y3-Y6 kids this school holiday. Only LIMITED SPOTS LEFT ⏰The clock is ticking, and we'd hate for your kids to miss out on all the excitement!

Y3 - Y6: 4th,5th,6th October 2023 - Book HERE

Maccabi Junior Carnival 16-23rd January 2024 - Book HERE

Maccabi Life Pickleball 

Register HERE

Bowl Like a Pro

🎳 Calling all teenagers Y7 and above! 🎳

Ready to roll into some striking fun? Join Maccabi NSW at the Maccabi Tenpin Bowling Clinic and unleash your inner bowler! 🎯

🎳 Learn the art of bowling from our expert Maccabi Bowlers
🤩 Have a blast and make new friends
🏆 Compete in friendly games

Book Now!


Y2i Continuity Appeal

Y2i, a JCA fund, has been supporting Year 10 Israel programs since 2014 through discretionary subsidies of up to $5,000 to all Jewish students in NSW, ACT and QLD. With 2,160 students from 84 schools participating over this time, Y2i is inspiring our next generation with an understanding of their Jewish heritage, a love for Israel and a passion for involvement in our Jewish community.

Y2i cannot exist without the support of our community. In October Y2i is holding a Continuity Appeal where they are asking the community to help them shape a lifetime journey for our next generations.

Donate Today -

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