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Like so many in this community, I struggle to find the words to appropriately communicate how I feel following the 7th of October terrorist attacks in Israel. First and foremost, all of us at JCA – our team, our Executive, Our Life Governors, and our Board of Governors stand united with Israel and her people and our hearts break, especially for the families impacted by the acts of terrorism. We are also praying for the immediate and safe return of the hostages in Gaza.

When asked how I am doing by people in and out of community, I feel it's appropriate to be honest and say not so great. If I look at the few things that have helped motivate or support me and others over the past three weeks, it's the fact that I have never seen our community, both locally and globally, come together quite like this. In the face of rising antisemitism – taking place literally on the footsteps of the Sydney Opera House - it has understandably left many of us shaken. We are blessed to have the leadership of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, CSG, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and AUJS – and so many others who have lead the response to this appalling display of antisemitism. I wish to take the opportunity to thank all the leadership and volunteers of these organisations for their extraordinary efforts over the past few weeks.

Please be assured that so many in community are working tirelessly to ensure that all elements of our people's needs both in Israel and locally are addressed. When we work together collectively, everything is achievable, and we will get through this, too. Throughout history, in troubled times, we have come together. Now is no different. As we approach tonight's Shabbat, remember how we are all connected, and as we light the candles, let's hope for a better future in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Shabbat Shalom,
Alain Hasson

Useful Resources
The following initiatives are currently being provided by our member organisations



What to do if you receive information that suggests there is a threat to the NSW Jewish Community:
- If you have witnessed suspicious activity, antisemitism or an incident call 1300 000 274.
- If you have information relating to social media posts, events or broader enquiries, please use the online form on the CSG website.

What to do if you have been subjected to antisemitism in the workplace or any other public setting and want support and assistance.

- Report the incident to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies HERE or call (02) 9360 1600


A hotline has been set up to assist Australians concerned about the welfare of relatives or friends in Israel and loved ones visiting the region. Call: 1300 555 135


Report Antisemitic Bullying at School HERE or (02) 9360 1600

Education resources
• The Lookstein Centre provides questions, activities and strategies for children (8-18) including accessible and meaningful action points.
• The Herzog College: short video on conversations in the classroom and resilience building.
• The Jewish Education Project: seminar on how to speak to children about the war in Israel and additional resources.
• Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools provides additional resources.


You can report any instances to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies antisemitic incident portal HERE or call (02) 9360 1600.

When applicable, please take screenshots/photos of the content you are reporting and upload it when submitting the form.
Your report will remain confidential. If you wish to remain anonymous, just write ‘anonymous’ in the name field and ‘[email protected]’ in the email field.

Any information reported to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies will be used to help inform and shape our strategic response.

Click HERE to sign up to the JBD newsletter
We encourage the entire community to follow the JBD’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for regular updates and, if you are aware of anyone in the community who is not receiving these emails, please ask them to sign up to the JBD's newsletter.



Why So Sad?
Social Story for Children Aged 2-4 written by Wendy Dolowitz - Please download and print this picture book as a conversation tool for young children. Download HERE

PJ Library Israel Hub
Resources to help kids with what is happening in Israel - click HERE 

Welcome packs for new families
Do you know of a new family arriving from Israel? PJ Library have put together an age appropriate welcome pack of books in Hebrew and English along with some other goodies. These are available for pick up at different locations. Register HERE  

Israel by Noah Tishby
If you want to learn more, we have a limited numbers of copies of Noa Tishby’s book – Israel: A simple guide to the most misunderstood country on earth, to give away.

To opt in please select from the pick-up or postage options. Limit of 1 book per household - click HERE

Lost for Words Resources
Resources from the Lost For Words Session on how we best support our children and teens through the distressing events taking place in Israel. Developed by Jaimie Bloch, Clinical Psychologist, Behavioural Expert, Researcher and Program Developer, together with Lexi Cohen, Registered Counsellor for MindMovers. Click HERE 

AUJS are focussed on student wellbeing and safety, and advocacy for Israel.
- Contact AUJS: [email protected]
- Report on campus antisemitism HERE or email [email protected].
- Request special consideration letters to assist with misadventure applications. 

Campus details
UNSW: Harassment and bullying reporting portal 
Campus Security: 9385 6666
Urgent 24/7 counselling: 02 8905 0307

USYD: Harassment and bullying reporting: 1800 793 457
Campus security: 9351 3333
Urgent 24/7 counselling: 1300 474 065

University of Wollongong: Campus security:4221 4900 or 0407 287 750 or [email protected]
24-hour student wellbeing: 1300 036 149 or text 0488 884 164

UTS: Harassment and bullying reporting: 02 9514 1048 or [email protected]
Campus security: 1800 249 559, UTS counselling: 02 9514 1177

MQU: Harassment and bullying reporting portal
Campus security: 02 9850 9999
Wellbeing support: Care MQ Network portal or 1800 2273 67 or (02) 9850 7497

Campus security contact list HERE
Student Counselling Service HERE


JewishCare have a wide range of resources available - HERE
- Ways that you can support those that are affected - HERE
- Talking with Children About the War in Israel - HERE
Practising self-care during these troubling times - HERE

Student Wellbeing and Safety, and Advocacy for Israel:
Student Wellbeing and Safety – In the days directly proceeding October 7, our primary focus was to ensure safety and wellbeing of all Jewish students. In this light, we implemented the following:

    • Special Consideration Form – We've set up special consideration forms for students to request emergency considerations or deferments on assessments and exams, with close to 700 students applying already. If you know students or parents of students we would highly encourage you to send this to them.
    • Working with University Administrations and Campus Clubs/Societies – We maintain positive relationships with our affiliated campuses and have been in constant communication regarding security, mental health support, and special consideration procedures. We've also engaged with Australia's Federal Minister for Education, Jason Clare, who has written to each university's Vice Chancellor on our behalf and affirmed the importance of keeping students safe on campus.
    • Making Information Public – AUJS has endeavoured to share as much information as possible. We've been actively sharing information on security, safety, and wellbeing through various channels, including social media, email, and Whatsapp communities. There are, of course, Jewish students that we don’t have contact with, and we encourage everyone to help us circulate this information. Resources and information are available on the AUJS Website.

Advocacy – As the conflict has continued to escalate, our focus has shifted towards advocacy and activism.

    • Campus Events – AUJS is coordinating a range of events on campuses across Australia and New Zealand, such as rallies, vigils, prayer circles, and social gatherings. We provide support in organising these events, liaising with local Jewish security groups (CSG), and offering financial assistance where needed. For instance, a rally in solidarity with Jewish students at the University of New South Wales happened yesterday in collaboration with non-Jewish clubs.
    • Poster Campaign – AUJS has joined the global poster campaign, displaying images of missing civilians taken hostage on campuses and throughout cities.
    • Media Engagement – We've organised radio and television interviews with various networks, featuring students who have written articles for different media outlets. We're also working on arranging video interviews with Jewish students for wider distribution. You can check out some of the already published media here:
      1. Credlin Live 
      2. The Australian
      3. Australian Jewish News
      4. The Canberra Times

Volunteering: AUJS has connected students with a range of volunteer opportunities throughout our community - including fundraising, advocacy projects and support networks.

Celebrating 30 Years of Giving  
Decades of Community Support

Many of our donors have been giving to JCA for over 30 years, an incredible legacy for which we are very grateful. Every month we recognise donors who celebrate 30 years since the anniversary of their first donation, thus entering this '30 Club'.

Mazel Tov to Beatrice Bryl & George Fishman! Your loyalty and commitment to our local Jewish community is incredible.

The Shabbat Project
Blessings & Light

On the weekend of 3-4 November we will come together for The Shabbat Project.  Themed Keeping it Together For Israel, Blessings & Light, we hope this unites communities globally in the spirit of peace and hope for a brighter future.  Events taking place around Sydney can be found on The Shabbat Project website

TSP candle packs have been distributed through schools, synagogues and other communal organisations for members of the community. Email [email protected] if you'd like to connect with an event near you.

Celebrating Shabbat
Within Community

Masada College

Masada Kindergarten students Ella and Charlize light candles on Shabbat with new College Head of Jewish Life, Shterny Dadon. Students dressed in blue and white on Friday 13th October in solidarity with Israel and donated to one of three current appeals. 



Burger Centre

Every Friday at The Burger Centre, preschool students from Moriah visit the Russian group to celebrate Shabbat. They light the candles, separate and help serve the Challah, and sing Jewish folk songs such as Hava Nagila and Tumbalalaika. They have even started to practice singing the Tumbalalaika in Russian, which The Burger Centre clients have found very moving.





This intergenerational program between Moriah Preschool and The Burger Centre has been successfully facilitated by Uncle VelVel for the past year. Next Friday, as The Burger Centre celebrates 1 year of their Friday Russian group, the Moriah pre-schoolers will join in the celebration.




The beauty of Shabbat lies not just in its rituals, but in the coming together of people, the shared moments around a dinner table, and the echoes of age-old traditions that bind our community. JewishCare's initiative to extend Shabbat dinners to both clients and staff is an inspiring endeavor that exemplifies the true spirit of mishpocha and chessed.

In embracing this age-old tradition in such an inclusive way, JewishCare is creating more than a communal meal. It is crafting an experience of belonging.

For clients, especially those who may feel the pangs of isolation or who have faced challenges in freely expressing their Jewish identity, this initiative not only creates a sense of community but feeds the soul. Notably, some of JewishCare’s clients grew up in the Soviet era when Russia was a Communist country. For them, the open celebration and acknowledgment of Jewish culture and religious experiences were often restricted or cloaked in secrecy. By partaking in these dinners, they are not only reconnecting with their roots but are also being given the opportunity to rewrite their narratives in a space of acceptance and warmth.

Equally, for staff, the dinners are a resonant reminder of the cultural ties that bind them to their roles and to the community they serve. This gesture eloquently sends the message: Every individual, regardless of their background or role within JewishCare, is a cherished part of our community. Inclusion, as showcased by this initiative, is more than just words. It is a lived experience, a testament to JewishCare's commitment to creating a cohesive community where every individual has a place.


JewishCare's Shabbat dinners are unity in action. They celebrate our shared heritage, give voice to diverse experiences, and emphasise the strength of our community. It is endeavors like these that truly capture the essence of what it means to be a community—connected, inclusive, and deeply rooted in shared values. A reminder of the enduring power of Shabbat as a force for unity and connection.

JewishCare have also designed Shabbat conversation cards for the community - click HERE to download them.



During the week of the Shabbat Project, all classes focus on an element of Shabbat during their SRE and Extension lessons:
K-2: Singing songs (lecha dodi and shalom aleichem plus Blessings for lighting candles and Challah)
3-4: Shabbat songs and stories
5-6: Identifying and exploring symbols of Shabbat
7-8: The structure of Shabbat (From Evening to Saturday night)
9-10: The values of Shabbat    



On Friday 3rd November, BJE's Extension K-2 classes will celebrate a combined mock Kabbalat. They also host a Friday night Shabbat dinner and/or Havdallah for High School students.

Nosh Nook
Alisa's Tongan Otai Drink

"I want to work at JCA so I can work collaboratively with a team of like minded people who are committed to helping and supporting our wonderful community." - Alisa Siale, Engagement Manager



Makes 2L (8-10 Servings)

  • 5-6 cups cold watermelon (cubed & preferably seedless)
  • 1 can cold full fat coconut milk (approx 13.5 ounces)
  • 1 cup cold coconut water
  • 1 cup cold crushed pineapple
  • Simple syrup
  • Pineapple chunks or crushed pineapple (or use mango)


  1. Prepare the watermelon by cutting off the rinds
  2. Make sure all ingredients are super cold
  3. You can either make as described in the recipe which is the traditional method or make in a blender

This is amazing as is or blended fully for a smoother textured drink. I made popsicles with the leftovers since the recipe makes a lot. 'Otai is so delicious in both beverage and popsicle form.

Coming Up In Community

JCA Women's Event

Join us to hear about how we are being kept safe, supported, connected and represented at this time in our community. 

Come and hear from four dynamic and strong women from our community working with organisations that are supporting and representing our local Jewish community and find out more about what’s happening.




  • Tanna Klevansky – AUJS (Australasian Union of Jewish Students)
  • Lynzi Bennum – ECAJ (Executive Council of Australian Jewry)
  • Julia Sussman – NSW Jewish Board of Deputies
  • Keren Port – CSG

Date: Wednesday 1st November 2023
Time: 6-8.30pm
Venue: Eastern Suburbs location to be advised.


Friends of Wolper

Friends of Wolper and Emanuel Synagogue have organised ‘A Concert for Israel’ with 100% of ticket sales being donated to Magen David Adom. Tickets can be purchased HERE




BJE NSW - Year K Social

Register HERE

Job Opportunities

Communal Calendar 

Download this months calendar

We have gathered together some of the exciting activities and events taking place in our community in the coming month. 

Thank you for your support