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JCA Today

President & CEO Message

P.S. We hope by now you have had a chance to consume our 2022 Source Magazine (like our young community member, Frankie) but if not you can still read here.

JCA Campaign 2022 
Events in our community

  • Source magazine handed out at school pick up zones
  • JCA cookies distributed
  • Jumpstart Juniors membership cards given to Years 3-6
  • JCA School Assemblies
  • Morning Tea for parents

Our Women's Division Event took place on Thursday 16th June. Over 100 women from our community came together to celebrate mind, body, soul and connection.

We extend a big thank you to our guest speakers and of course, our moderator.

  • Jessica Sepel - Body
  • Dr Ginni Mansberg - Connection
  • Dr Rabbi Orna Triguboff - Soul
  • Talya Rabinovitz - Mind
  • Suzanne Leal - Moderator

We also held our annual Young Major Donors Campaign Event on Monday 30th May at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The event included a private tour of the Archibald Exhibition, followed by a Kepos Kitchen feast whilst listening to our guest speaker Dr Deborah Burnett - Immunogenomics Researcher at the Garvan Institute. 

On Tuesday night our community had the opportunity to listen to acclaimed Australian investigative journalist Nick McKenzie, moderated by Channel 9 Reporter Britt Cohen.  Nick discussed his recent documentary 'Revealed' on the rise of Neo-Nazism in Australia.  Thank you to CSG who were on site, always keeping our community safe.

Monthly Mensches
Remy & Jade

As part of JCA Education Day, we distributed Jumpstart Juniors cards to students in Years 3-6. The first cards returned were from Remy & Jade who became our first members. They received a JCA Community Champion badge and a membership pack including their personalised certificate.

I love my community because...

That is where my friends are (Jade)

I get to go to a Jewish school (Remy)

My favourite JCA-supported organisation is....because...

Maccabi and Moriah because I play sports for Maccabi and I love going to school at Moriah (Jade)

Maccabi because my Papa helps Maccabi (Remy)

Today, my mitzvah will be

JCA dinner and I help others (Jade)

Help my Mum and Dad for JCA (Remy)

P.S Jade's philanthropic lessons are already in action. She recently made and sold a beautiful bracelet and gifted the proceeds back to her local Jewish community by donating to JCA Campaign 2022. Mazel Tov Jade

Member Mention
Maccabi NSW

Be part of the biggest community team as we tackle 'Heartbreak Hill' in 2022.

JCA & Maccabi NSW have joined forces to walk, run and jog at this years City2Surf on Sunday 14th August.
Join the JCA Maccabi Community Team and register for our free Sunday training group sessions! 

• Every Sunday morning (excluding Jewish holidays) 9-10:30am on the North & East.
• 2 groups - runners and walkers.
• Meet for a coffee, nibbles and a talk by a community/thought leader.
• Bring the kids as there will be fun supervised activities for them.

So whether you are on the leafy North Shore or beachside Eastern Suburbs, rain, hail or shine, the JCA Maccabi Community Team will be there!

Even if you won’t be joining us on the day of City2Surf – we would love your weekly support.

For more info and to register click here.


Member Mention
Sydney Jewish Museum

In 2021 the Sydney Jewish Museum (SJM) received an allocation of $855,000 from JCA.

The work of SJM is crucial as one of the top Holocaust education institutions in the world, being on the frontline of combating tolerance and antisemitism through their educational and interactive programs. SJM provides these educational services to individuals all around NSW about Judaism, the history of the Holocaust and how the lessons of the Holocaust are so relevant today. Over 45,000 people were able to have this opportunity last year, experiencing first hand stories from survivors and guides with knowledge to share.

In this recent video James Enoch discusses the legacy of his grandfather Kuba, a survivor and long-time Museum guide.

Next month Sydney Jewish Museum launches a unique collection of Sidney Nolan's work, inspired by his experience at the Eichmann trial and pending visit to Auschwitz.

Image: Media covering the Eichmann trial in the TV Control room, Jerusalem, 1961, SJM Collection.

Shaken to his Core: The Untold Story of Nolan's Auschwitz

Best known for his bold modernist work, Sir Sidney Nolan elevated the mythology of the Australian bush to global prominence and earned himself a place among the most significant artists of the 20th century.
Yet, his response to the Holocaust has until now remained unseen and unknown.
This exhibition uncovers an important chapter in his life and work: 50 artworks painted with great intensity during 1961, as the Adolf Eichmann trial came to a close and as Nolan prepared to visit Auschwitz.

Book your tickets here 

Nosh Nook
Christy's Winter Warming Tomato Soup


Dice the carrots, celery, onion and garlic and add to a large pot with a good pour of olive oil. Sauté the diced vegetables until they are soft. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil and then turn stove down and simmer for 30 minutes. Turn stove off and blend soup well with a stick or regular blender. Season to taste and top with additional basil and serve.

Note: we normally serve with toasted sourdough bread but our kids love it with added pasta (any will do – I just cook separately and then ladle the soup on top). We also usually double the recipe so that we can have for a couple of dinners and freeze any leftovers. 

Job Opportunities

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