Our community cares deeply about your mental health and wellbeing

As we negotiate ongoing disruptions to our social, family, and working lives, it can be comforting to know that our local Jewish community has an incredible in-built capacity for empathy, caring, and support to help each other through difficult times.

Emma Cohen is part of the Jewish Suicide Prevention Strategy team at JewishCare. The team has seen an increase in the number of incoming calls and referrals for mental health support – a trend that is expected to grow in the coming months. For many of the callers, this is the first time they have reached out for help.

“We are very fortunate to have a community that recognises and takes seriously the concerning increase in mental health challenges we are dealing with at this time,” she said. “We have the resources, skilled staff, and services in place to assist members of the community who need support.”

Enquiries to the suicide prevention program are received in strict confidence. Assistance is provided by highly trained caseworkers who work with individuals and families to develop a safety plan and to connect them to appropriate support services and health professionals.

Depending on the circumstances, assistance can extend to help with practical necessities.

“We are also extremely fortunate that thanks to funding assistance we receive from JCA, we are able to ‘fill the gaps’ in available services,” said Emma. “Where needed, we can help with emergency financial support and flexible funds for food and petrol vouchers, as well as childcare, medical bills, and allied health services.”

In these challenging times, we are fortunate – thanks to the significant generosity of our community donors – to be able to provide such critical programming and to increase support levels to meet the growing need.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with anxiety, depression, or isolation, you are not alone – our community is ready and willing to help. 

Help is available to the local Jewish community through a wide range of services listed below. We encourage you to reach out if you need support.

For a list of available services, visit  www.jca.org.au/covid-19-mental-health .   Please share this list with other members of our community. 

It is thanks to your support of JCA that our community is able to provide these vital programs and services. To learn more about the specific programs supported by JCA, please visit  www.jca.org.au/donate .