About Jumpstart

Jumpstart (powered by JCA) was established in 2015 with a focus on initiatives that engage young adults and the next generation in our local Jewish community.

Our mission is to connect with, and nurture the involvement of our under 40s demographic to ensure JCA’s long term sustainability. Through bespoke events and projects that encourage and inspire, Jumpstart promises a fresh approach to getting our young donors and potential donors involved, as well as educate them about JCA.

The goal of Jumpstart has always been motivating our young community to give back locally and promoting the role that every young person has in ensuring the continued vibrancy of the Jewish community.

The program has proudly presented a range of initiatives and events that also empower young adults to be the future leaders of our community.

A dedicated team of volunteers, together with Jumpstart Co-Chairs Jonathan Barouch and Ben Levi, as well as the Program Manager in JCA’s office work together to ensure Jumpstart captures the imagination of the future of our community.

Jumpstart is generously funded by members of The Giving Forum (TGF) .

Jumpstart comprises of four key initiatives:

  • Jumpstart Juniors:  Jumpstart Juniors is a great way to introduce young Jewish children to the importance of being part of our local community and the values of giving charity and helping others.
  • Jumpstart Shark Tank:  A community wide annual pitch event that allows 5 social entrepreneurs to pitch for a share of $50,000 in seed funding. This event is a highlight on the Jumpstart calendar and has launched some of our communities most successful social ventures
  • 10×10:  A committee of 10 people invite 10 friends, who all pledge $100 to the member organisation of their choosing. These fundraising events are based around donors having the ability to select where they want to direct their fundraising dollars after listening to engaging and inspiring pitches.
  • Giving Circle:  A group of young donors who commit additional funds to the community, get together to collectively decide which projects they wish to support.

Jumpstart also encompasses JCA Campaign events that meet the fundraising needs of the organisation.