Often working behind the scenes 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year, to keep the community safe physically.

Often working behind the scenes 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year, to keep the community safe physically, CSG is one of the largest recipients of JCA funding in our community.  In 2021, CSG recorded the highest number of Anti-Semitic incidents since their inception.  490 Anti-Semitic incidents were recorded nationally in Australia. This is a 38% increase compared to the 356 incidents recorded in 2020 and is the highest number of Anti-Semitic incidents ever recorded by CSG across Australia in a calendar year and is 9% higher than the previous highest record in 2019 (pre-COVID) of 451 Anti-Semitic incidents.

In a video recorded for JCA, Matt Meyerson, Head of Security, said, “CSG plays one of the most important roles in our community.  We’re an at risk community, we face significant threats on an ongoing basis and CSG strives to achieve our mission statement which is to protect Jewish life and also Jewish way of life.  CSG records antisemitism and has been recording antisemitism since the inception of CSG and in 2021 CSG recorded the highest rate of antisemitism since inception.  It’s important that we have a community that can go about its way of life with ease without feeling like we’ve had threats and that security is breathing down our neck and JCA and CSG play a huge role in our community to help achieve that mission.  The vision for CSG is to make sure we keep up with technology, we need to make sure our staff are well equipped to the calibre required and expected by the Jewish community and we can only do this and get to that vision with JCA, we can’t do this alone and JCA form a core part of that synergy in allowing us to achieve our strategic goals.”

While CSG is on the frontline ensuring our physical security, many may be unaware of the ongoing and remarkable work of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, who also, advocate for our political security, on a daily basis.   They are the community’s link to government and all communities across New South Wales, ensuring that the contribution made by the community is not only understood but also appreciated.  CEO Darren Bark said that JCA support is crucial to the work of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.  “We need the support of JCA in order to make sure that we can deliver to the community.  My hope for the future is that we come together, support each other and support our organisations so that we can have a vibrant, thriving community going forward.  Only with your support and the support of JCA is this possible.”