Giving students the opportunity to head to Israel and embark on a life changing journey.

Y2i - Youth To Israel

Y2i is a JCA Endowment Fund and has now supported over 2,000 Year 10 students to participate in a life changing five-week Israel experience.

Providing subsidies of up to $5,000 towards Year 10 Israel programs run by any of the Jewish day schools or BJE (for those at non-Jewish Schools), these life changing programs develop a real connection for our students to their Jewish and Zionist identity, strengthening our community going forward.

2022 saw the return of Year 10 Israel programs that came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Y2i were able to host their largest cohort ever with 570 students including the largest ever BJE program with 162 participants attending.

On 18th December, Y2i Day in Jerusalem saw the coming together for an afternoon of speakers, activities and watching the World Cup Soccer Final. The feeling of unity, the sense of belonging, and vibrant energy was palpable. 

Click here to view photos from the day. 

Our younger community members had a jam packed summer holiday, as supported organisations including Y2i, Kesser Torah College and BJE crafted and executed engaging, educational and enlightening programs. Students across Australia had the opportunity to travel to Israel, exploring their Jewish identity, creating memories and forming lifelong friendship all whilst learning about Israeli culture and the importance of community. 


KTC Israel Tour

Connecting education and bringing it to life, Year 10 Kesser Torah students had a phenomenal time on the 2022-2023 KTC Israel Tour. This robust five-week tour included sightseeing across Israel from the Golan Heights in the north to the Dead Sea in the south. Highlights included Jeep rides along the Israel-Syria border, visiting iconic Synagogues in Jerusalem, the grave sites of Rabbi Isaac Luria and Rachel Imanu and a dawn trek up Masada to daven shacharis as the sun rose .... and of course the food!

"To touch the Kotel. To walk along the stoned paths that our forefathers walked on thousands of years ago. To unite in song. To taste the food. To feel Israel's heartbeat. What an amazing trip"

This incredible experience was made possible by Y2i and the generous KTC Foundation donors - with a very special shout out trip coordinator, Michael Berkovits.

BJE Nesiah Israel Program

The Nesiah Israel Program is the focal point of the BJE High School Jewish Journey. The program is a well-structured, highly organised, bespoke five-week educational experience in Israel, for Year 10 students at non-Jewish public or private schools, in NSW, QLD and the ACT.

In December 2022, five senior staff, 10 Australian madrichim and 170 participants, from 36 different schools across five States, left on the BJE Nesiah Israel Program, excited for the opportunity to experience Israel’s land, people, culture and history. Made possible through the support of Y2i and i4y, this is the biggest group ever sent by BJE to Israel and, in fact, the biggest group of Year 10 students from any school, to travel to Israel on an educational program.

Unlike single school campuses, BJE draws from many different schools, some of which have only one or two participants on the program.

To this end, there are several pre-Nesiah activities organised, culminating in a Pre-Nesiah Camp, so that all the participants have the chance to meet each other and form friendships, before leaving for Israel.

Likewise, there are a number of post Nesiah activities organised, to maintain social and communal connections. The annual Ash Levi post Nesiah Leadership Camp in April will reunite the group again, allowing them to re-connect and create a social action initiative, for their respective Jewish communities.

The information session for the 2023 Nesiah Israel Program takes place on Sunday, March 5th. For more details click here.