FAQ's regarding our 2023 Communal Event 

Will the sector content of each session be the same?
While the theme of both sessions doesn’t change it would be fair to assume that the key address will remain the same, but the panel discussion may vary.

What if I want to go to more than one talk?
Unfortunately, you can only attend one session as we are trying to ensure that 1,000 people get to experience the event.The good news is that both sessions and all 5 sectors will be recorded and made available from early June so there will be an opportunity to catch up on anything you might have missed!

Is the format of both session the same?
The early session begins with the ‘talk’ and ends with the food and the mingling among the expo area where our 25 organisations will be present. The later session starts with the food and mingling and ends with the sector talks.

This enables 1,000 people to share the experience together in a relaxed environment and ‘put the pieces together!’

Is the event suitable for children?
The event is designed for an adult audience, so we do not recommend bringing under 18’s.

Are we really ‘putting the pieces together’?
Yes, on the evening we will be physically creating a 1,000-piece puzzle. On arrival you will be given your unique piece to add. You will ‘be the reason why’ the puzzle can be completed.

Hope that helps you with booking but please email us [email protected] if you have any other questions or call us on 9360 2344 if you need assistance booking today.