We are privileged to share these video stories of impact from among our community. We hope that you enjoy.

Out and About Episode 11

Alex Ulis talks to Mary Matsa from Print35

Out and About Episode 12

Alex Ulis talks to Speedy Shatari from Stand Up

Out and About Episode 13

Alex Ulis talks to Melanie Sarif from Burger Centre

Out and About Episode 14

Lauren Finn talks to Ryan Kassel from Moriah College

Out and About Episode 15

Alex Ulis talks to Cody Kane from Wolper Hospital

Out and About Episode 16

Jessica Chasen talks to Rozanna Pleshet from Mount Sinai College

Out and About Episode 17

Alex Ulis talks to Sara Joffe from B'nai B'rith Retirement Villages

Thank You

Fundraising in an environment impacted by floods, fires, the war in Ukraine, and the aftermath of the Covid pandemic has not been easy.

Kuba Enoch

Kuba Enoch endured the worst that humankind has seen. He lost most of his extended family in the Holocaust, including his brother and his mother. In 2007 on the March of the Living program, Kuba guided 80 school children through Poland.