Nothing is impossible

The Choice Foundation is on song for the Paralympics

'Nothing is Impossible' The Choice Foundation anthem will be used by Channel 7 to promote the Tokyo Paralympics 2021.

Our community rallies for peace

Federal and State politicians joined members of the Jewish community in support for a peaceful resolution in Israel

Nurturing Agricultural Judaism

'It's an eye-opener for people to connect their Jewish identity with the land and with traditions that go back thousands of years'

Mum for Mum has been a lifesaver

Your support helps mums like Sandra in times of great difficulty. Mum for Mum reaches out to mothers with a helping hand- the essence of tikkun olam. ...

Caring for Mum in the time of COVID-19

Leonie has always been closely connected to the local Jewish community. With the onset of Lewy body dementia, she could no longer live on her own...

We’ve always been close, even when we’re apart

Our local Jewish community is there for all of us. We are stronger together.

Where were you this time last year?

In these difficult times, we have seen our community come together in a remarkable way. Thanks to your support of JCA, we are caring for our community...

It’s not just about the food

For Dorothy and Marika, life is richer being part of a caring, connected community. Whether giving or receiving, we are all a part of it...

Milla is on a mission to change our world

Thanks to your support, Jewish Day Schools can provide services to children with special needs so they, too, can benefit from a Jewish education...