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JCA Source Magazine September 2005

The JCA, as the Community's centralised fundraising organisation, is required to help maintain the existing level of services provided to the Community by our JCA Family of Organisations and also assist them in establishing new programs and projects.

JCA Source Magazine April 2002

This edition of The Source highlights a number of the smaller organisations or programs supported by the JCA. It is easy to become preoccupied with the "big picture" but the strength of our community is reflected in the fundamentally cooperative structure of the JCA through which the strong support the weak and vulnerable.

JCA Source Magazine April 2003

"We all know the ongoing needs and the challenge of fundraising. But it all starts with dreaming - a belief in the potential of the Jewish community and what more it can become." - Lawrence Jackson, JCA CEO 2003

JCA Source Magazine April 2004

Over the past 6 months and in the lead-up to the launch of this year's campaign, the JCA, through its various divisions and special interest groups, has undertaken and organised many special events and activities.

JCA Source Magazine June 2002

We must do our utmost to continue to strengthen our local institutions, and the primary means of achieving that end is to increase our support for the JCA. Building and maintaining a strong community is our best response under the current adverse circumstances.

JCA Source Magazine June 2003

This issue of "The Source" -for obvious reasons -is probably one of the best-read journals in the Community. This is the edition in which we recognise the members of our community who contributed towards our last campaign and I would personally wish to thank all of you -including all of our anonymous donors -who gave so generously.

JCA Source Magazine June 2005

For me, our new campaign theme "We are Family" sums up what the JCA is all about - one big warm extended Jewish family whose members all work together to help each other for the benefit of the Family as a whole.

JCA Source Magazine Pesach 2005

Our legacy for our children should be a strong and vibrant Jewish community built on simple family values, like respect and caring for those around us.

JCA Source Magazine September 2002

We must Stand Tall - united in the belief that Jews everywhere have a right to live peacefully. Secure in our religion, schools, communal institutions and daily lives.