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JCA Source Magazine June 2008

As the single centralised communal body JCA is able to direct its attention to those issues within our community that require more assistance from time to time as well as having an overview of our whole community.

JCA Source Magazine June 2009

When you donate to the community via the JCA, not only are you relieved of the difficulty of having to choose between worthy causes and the greater cost of making multiple donations, but you also rest secure in the knowledge that your contribution will be allocated where the need is greatest.

JCA Source Magazine June 2010

Volunteering is at the heart of a vibrant JCA. The JCA's Planning Committee is made up entirely of volunteers supported by a professional JCA office. The driving passion of the members of the Planning Committee is to ensure Jewish continuity; the commitment of time and the skill base they bring to community issues is outstanding and of great value to our community.

JCA Source Magazine June 2004

Since its inception almost 40 years ago, the Jewish Communal Appeal has played a unique role in building and preserving the Jewish community's key institutions in the critical spheres of education, welfare, aged care, communal service and culture.

JCA Source Magazine September 2005

The JCA, as the Community's centralised fundraising organisation, is required to help maintain the existing level of services provided to the Community by our JCA Family of Organisations and also assist them in establishing new programs and projects.

JCA Source Magazine September 2001

Our community is a great and vibrant community and it is incumbent on us all to do everything in our power to ensure we provide the services that are required by the various organisations.

JCA Source Magazine September 2003

The Jewish Communal Appeal reaches into just about every corner of the Jewish communities of New South Wales and Canberra.

JCA Source Magazine September 2004

We believe that every Jew has the right to live with dignity, with security and with the inherent right to be educated and guided along a Jewish path.

JCA Source Magazine April 2002

This edition of The Source highlights a number of the smaller organisations or programs supported by the JCA. It is easy to become preoccupied with the "big picture" but the strength of our community is reflected in the fundamentally cooperative structure of the JCA through which the strong support the weak and vulnerable.