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JCA Source Magazine 2022

On the road to renewal. We are optimistic, we are hopeful, and we are determined to start once again moving in the direction of a more regular and liveable world. We can all agree that the past two years have presented us with extraordinary challenges.

Thrive to Survive

In a complex environment combining secular and religious instruction under heavy State and Federal Government policy oversight, Sydney's Jewish day schools must strike a fine balance to provide engaged learning, development and growth opportunities for both students and staff.

JCA Source Magazine 2021

We have seen how important community is to us in a time of great adversity, but what will our community of tomorrow look like? How will we care for a growing elderly population, look after our physical and mental wellbeing, honour the memory of the Holocaust, champion our culture, strengthen our advocacy and security......

JCA Source Magazine 2020

Together we have built a remarkable Jewish community in NSW and the ACT - one that strengthens our Jewish identity and provides a place of belonging, that cares for the most vulnerable, provides countless opportunities for engagement and participation and that looks to the future and inspires tomorrow's leaders. We have so much to be grateful for

JCA Source Magazine 2019

We are all part of the vibrant network that makes up our local Jewish community. Our success is driven by a simple idea - we are stronger together! The source of that strength is the generosity of individuals and families in our NSW and ACT Jewish communities. Your contributions - of time and money, commitment and caring - are the foundation of our continued success.

Gen17 Australian Jewish Community Survey

Whilst having the ninth largest Jewish population in the world, the Australian Jewish community as again punched well above its weight in delivering Gen17: Australia's Jewish Community Survey. With 8,621 responses nationally, it is not only the largest such study ever conducted in Australia but one of the largest samples ever collected across the globe in a national Jewish community study.

Key findings from the 2016 Census and Gen17

Key findings from the 2016 Census and Gen 17

Key findings from the 2016 Census

Key findings from the 2016 Census

Key Findings from the 2011 Census

The Jewish Population of Australia