Personal Spotlight

Personal stories from the many people who make up our wonderful, diverse and dynamic community. We thank them all for taking the time to share.

It’s a good thing we were there today

You join the CSG and meet like-minded people with big hearts who want to give back.

The Two of Us

Meet Adam Silver, a young and dynamic community member with a lived experience of mental health.

Connecting as a family

'One of our favourite PJ books is Todah - a real testament to Jewish values of being grateful for the world we live in. It's about embracing the Jewish way.'

Developing an army of volunteers

Lana manages upwards of 500 volunteers

Navigating domestic violence

'I saw the ad for JewishCare's Domestic Violence Support Group for Women on the back of the school newsletter.'

Our school captains

Our school captains share their thoughts on leadership, Jewish identity and their community

Speedy Shatari (they/them) passion for community now and for the future

Speedy Shatari has a real passion for community and has actively pursued this through their work with our community. Few can say that they have made this kind of impact in such a short amount of time.