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Making A Difference

JewishCare NSW provides a wide variety of support services, programs, and volunteer opportunities to community members. Two particularly exciting volunteer opportunities available to young people aged 18+ are the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program and the JewishCare Youth Reference Group.

Run As One! JCA & Maccabi join forces for this year’s City2Surf.

Let's conquer Heartbreak Hill together! Join the JCA Maccabi Community Team this City2Surf.

Observership Program 2023

A unique opportunity to become a board member in the not-for-profit sector, applications close 31st July.

Community & Education

The future of our community rests with the young people that inspire their peers. 

JCA campaign hits $4.5m milestone

“Every dollar counts” and no matter the quantum, support from community members will help achieve this year’s $15M goal.

JCA supports Security and Advocacy

CSG is one of the largest recipients of JCA funding in our community.