2023 Communal Event 
Jewish Education 


We are responsible for supporting families and children with complex special needs to ensure their inclusion in Jewish Education. These programs ensure that our day schools can embrace Jewish children with special needs through funding the extra support required.


Britt Cohen

Keynote Speaker

Phil Roberts, Principal of Mount Sinai College 

Phil Roberts will leave Mount Sinai College at the end of term two after over three decades at the school, the last 21 years as principal. He goes as the college experiences record enrolments and a reputation as an outstanding community school. This growth is mainly due to Phil's vision and leadership, and we look forward to hearing his reflections on an outstanding career in Jewish Education.

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Panel Discussion

Diversability: Finding long-term sustainable solutions to special needs education

JCA funding helps to support children with anxiety, dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, hearing limitations, sight limitations, mobility limitations, behavioural complexities, speech and language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, occupational therapy, Asperger’s and sensory processing disorder.

Some of our most vulnerable community members are of school age, and the Government does not provide sufficient funding to ensure their inclusion.

The programs assist these children from an educational, social and physical perspective by providing appropriate teaching support and physical aids for each student’s requirements.

What challenges exist in delivering appropriate solutions to ensure no child is left behind?

Andrew Watt - Emanuel School

Corinne Abrams - Moriah College

Mira Hasofer - Masada College

Rabbi Chaiton - Kesser Torah College


100 per session

JCA Address

Shari Lowe, JCA Head of Planning

Campaign Connectors

Session 1 - Talya Bass

Session 2 - Nicole Jacobson

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