2023 Communal Event
Holocaust, History & Heritage

Every week young students from NSW visit Sydney Jewish Museum. Bringing students face-to-face with history and culture, expanding their content knowledge and connecting them more deeply to their study topics is vital work.


Sam Koslowski

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rebecca Kummerfeld

Formerly Head of Learning at Sydney Jewish Museum Dr. Kummerfeld has a background in research and teaching, with a PhD in History and Masters in Teaching. 

Rebecca joined Sydney Jewish Museum in 2016 and in 2020, she led the development of a virtual learning program that has engaged over 10,000 participants a year.

The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors is passionate about preserving memory and the power of sharing Jewish history with the broader community.

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Panel Discussion

Ignorance is the enemy. Education is the answer.

It has long been accepted that educating about the Holocaust is perhaps the strongest tool for combatting antisemitism. Particularly given that in 2021 1 in 4 Australians over 18 admitted to little or no knowledge of the Holocaust. * Gandel Survey 2021
Sydney Jewish Museum has been at the forefront of Holocaust education since its opening in 1992. Over the past 30 years, 650,000 visitors have walked through the doors. Importantly 300,000 of these have been students. Over 90% of these young people are not Jewish. So what difference does it make? Our panel will discuss the power of education to change misconceptions and non-truths.

Julia Sussman - Youth Hear

Shannon Biederman - SJM

David Browne - Deputy Principal, Killara High School


100 per session

JCA Address

Lance Kalish

Campaign Connectors

Session 1 - Catherine Kalish

Session 2 - Mike Pollak

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