We have an ambitious Strategic Plan for 2025 and are proud of our collaborative, high-performance culture. Our high standards of governance ensure that we can accurately deliver to our community organisations the support we are committed to. 

Your legacy gift to JCA will help secure the future of our local Jewish community.

JCA has been at the heart and soul of the Jewish community for more than 50 years. Each of our 25 supported organisations provides vital services to every corner of our community.
Leaving a small bequest in your Will can help secure the long-term future of our community.

We have drafted some FAQs which might be helpful.

Leaving a legacy gift will ensure that, for generations to come, our organisations can continue to:

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Provide aged and community care for disadvantaged, disabled and vulnerable members of our community.

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Preserve Holocaust memory and Jewish history for future generations.

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Make Jewish education available for more of our children.

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Advocate for our community, combat antisemitism and ensure our safety and security.

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Support cultural and outreach programs that enrich our Jewish life.

Merv and Lorraine

Mervyn and Lorraine Basserabie have long been synonymous with philanthropy in the Jewish community. Through their generosity, the lives of many in the local community have been enriched and the good deeds of others have been honoured.

Over the years, JCA and its member organisations have been grateful beneficiaries of the Basserabies’ goodwill. “JCA cares for its community,” said Mervyn recently, “it gives us much pleasure seeing how JCA cares and plans for the wellbeing of future generations and for Jewish identity.”

To help ensure the long-term continuity of community, Mervyn and Lorraine have embraced JCA Generation’s – a community-wide initiative that encourages everyone to consider leaving a modest percentage of their estate to JCA in their wills.

Mervyn said “We have decided to include JCA in our wills because it will be part of our legacy and we would be happy knowing that we have continued to help JCA do its good work.”

They hope that their example will encourage others to join those who have already committed to the program since its inception. “We believe that if many feel the way we do, and if they provide for JCA in their wills, Jewish wellbeing and continuity will be assured.”


For JCA, no contribution is too small.

JCA has received numerous bequests from generous individuals wishing to leave a legacy. We thank them all for their generosity and honour their memory.

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How do I leave a bequest?

Once you’ve decided to leave a legacy gift to JCA, you can either include it when you draw up your Will or add it as a codicil to your existing Will.

You can leave us a percentage of your total estate, a specific dollar amount or assets such as property or shares.

A bequest is a personal issue, and we recommend involving your family in your decision. You should also seek legal advice.

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For more information

Please call Debbie Edinburg at JCA on (02) 9360 2344 for more information about leaving a Legacy Gift to JCA.

If you need help finding legal advice or any further assistance, you can also contact us via email at [email protected] to arrange a confidential discussion.

Debbie Edinburg
Generations Legacy Manager

(02) 9360 2344

[email protected]