JCA Allocations Funding Application


We are now coordinating our Allocations submission process, fully online! Our process has been reviewed and changed in order to enhance user experience.

Tips for Completion:

  • There are 10 sections in this new application form
  • We have also provided some tips on how to complete certain sections. Hover over the "?" icon to read the explanatory notes which will help guide your response.
  • Please note that you need to complete each section before moving to the next.
  • To align our standards to best practice, questions have word limits indicated. As a result, please be clear and concise in your responses.
  • We have also indicated a list of documents to upload in Section 10.
  • We understand that the information we are seeking may sometimes be relevant in several sections of this application. As a result, please use your professional judgement to ensure that all questions relevant to your organisation are addressed within this application.
  • Please ensure that you proof read your application prior to your final submission.
  • Once you press submit, you will not be able to access or edit your response.

Save and Exit Option

During your completion of this form, you have the ability to save and continue later. Your data is encrypted and you will be provided with a one time code, to enable you to access the saved form again.

  • You should actively save your work to avoid loss of progress, in particular before closing your web browser.
  • For security purposes, please do not share your one time code.
  • If you lose your one time code, you will need to start your application form again, as we do not store your code or sensitive data.

Due Date

The deadline for submission is THURSDAY 31st AUGUST 2023

With Thanks

JCA would like to thank the Social Impact Hub for their assistance in benchmarking our Allocations submissions process and providing us with the opportunity for best practice granting.

Should you wish to find out more about the Social Impact Hub and what services they could support you with, please click here

If you are returning to complete a previously saved funding application, please enter your application ID below.

Otherwise, please proceed to start your funding application.