About Us

Jewish Communal Appeal (JCA) is the local hub of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities. Connecting the needs of our community with the services our 24 supported organisations provide in the areas of Aged & Community Care, Engagement, Culture & Outreach, History & Holocaust, Jewish Education, and Security & Advocacy.

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Engagement & Fundraising

As a not-for-profit organisation, JCA relies on the generosity of our community supporters. Our donors and sponsors play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our vision of ensuring a sustainable, vibrant and secure Jewish community. JCA seeks to inspire financial support through various fundraising initiatives engaging members of our community across social and economic demographics, each in their unique way.

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Our community is a complex network of interactions and relationships. JCA is the key ‘connector’ for our community. We provide the support framework that enables our member organisations to engage with our community more effectively. Beyond funding, we create channels for communication and shared resourcing, and we deliver opportunities for members of our community to connect in meaningful and enriching ways.

These connections build community. 
A community that is thriving and inclusive, always.

Our Vision

A world class community that it thriving and inclusive always.

Our Mission

To support, strengthen and nurture our local Jewish community through collaborative, philanthropic, professional and volunteer leadership.

Our Promise

To always work in the very best interest of all of our community.

To download our 2025 Strategic Plan click HERE 


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Our Objectives

  • Cultivate incredible
    communal organisations
  • Enable
    a vibrant community
  • Inspire
    our donors
  • Develop
    outstanding leaders
  • Sustain & innovate
    funding sources for our community

Our Values

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We are ethical, trustworthy and responsible. Those who come into contact with JCA will experience us as transparent, just, equitable and reliable.

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We show true appreciation to each and every donor and volunteer for their support of JCA and our community.

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We recognise that we are a diverse community. To be stronger, we must respect and appreciate these differences and work collaboratively with one another.

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We honour, respect and take pride in helping to ensure the continuity of the values, culture and traditions of our local Jewish community.