Today, JCA is at the heart of our local Jewish community in NSW and the ACT. Our role, as the primary fundraiser for our member organisations and a central point for strategic planning, is to serve the best interests of our community. Thanks to your support, we have created something truly remarkable together – a vibrant community network that cares for one another in difficult times and builds a brighter future for generations to come.

Here’s How Your Support Has Made A Difference In 2020

Your contributions supported 36 programs that delivered benefits directly to our local Jewish community, supporting individuals and families across all ages and stages of life. These are just a few examples of the difference you made in our community. You can find out more about each of the programs in the onlineJCA 2019 Destinations Directory.

You helped bring a Jewish education through Jewish studies classes for

2,016 students at 64 public schools

Thanks to your significant support


mental health first aid and suicide prevention training during a vital time

You helped provide places for

200 residents

in Jewish Aged Care who would otherwise not be able to afford it

You helped educate

400 students

on the rise and risk of antisemitism in NSW and empowered

6,000 virtual attendees

to commemorate Yom Hashoah online

With your support

2,200 people

in our local community were able to visit Shalom’s Adamama farm and learn about our Jewish roots

During a difficult year, you funded

6,360 face to face carer hours

supporting those in the community living with dementia and other cognitive impairments

In 2020, you helped through the Student Keeper program,

78 families and 123 STUDENTS

stay at their respective Jewish Day Scools during COVID-19

JCA member organisations

JCA member organisations provide the NSW and ACT Jewish community with outstanding programs across a range of sectors including aged care, culture & engagement, community care, education, history & heritage, security & advocacy, social justice and outreach.


JCA has partnered with several corporate sponsors within the broader community who share our interest in ensuring the vibrancy and success of the local Jewish community and recognise the value of our members.